How Is The New Year Going To Be Different?

Setting Goals and Achieving Them

I think we all like this time of year.  Even if you don’t like Christmas you do like the fact that a New Year allows us to hit that imaginary reset button.  The question you need to answer is, “What would you do with a clean slate?”

That would mean revisiting your vision and setting the necessary goals to achieve them.  The problem is that life happens and you get distracted.  You never reach your goals and all you can do is wait for the next reset button.

To set goals and achieve what you set out to do you need to:


The reason your goals might not be doable is because they aren’t realistic, or achievable.  You’ve set the bar too high and maybe even set too many goals.

You need to set goals that will help you take steps towards your vision.  By setting a few, concrete and clear goals you will build momentum.  As momentum builds you will be able to set slightly higher ones.


When you write a goal down and share it with people around you it makes the goal real.  You give yourself a reminder and a little accountability.

Share them with people you know who will check-in and ask you about them.  Seek accountability and you’ll no longer feel like you are on your own.


The goals you set do not have to be perfect.  In fact there are going to be factors that will push and pull you away from your goal.

Once you set a goal you need to check-in with it’s progress.  If you are on the right path see it as an affirmation.  If you feel like it’s no longer realistic, make the necessary adjustments.

Setting goals takes practice and assistance.  If you’ve never done it before find someone who can coach you (Check out MYM One on One Coaching) and guide you to set the right goals.  When you have goals it means you have a plan towards your vision.

Question:  Where do you struggle when it comes to setting and sticking to your goals?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.

For more information on setting goals I strongly recommend Michael Hyatt’s The Beginner’s Guide To Goal Setting.