How To Create Positive Change In Your Ministry

3 Steps To Overcome The Obstacles That Come With Change

It’s usually around this time of year when we’re motivated to make changes.  On top of the personal resolutions I’m willing to bet you’ve got a few ideas for your ministry as well.


They’re probably great changes, the ones that can take your ministry to the next level.  But, there is a problem that usually prevents us from reaching that level.  The problem is that:


Why is it hard to change, when that’s what we want to do?  It’s because of a few obstacles like:

  1. Convincing other to change with us.
  2. Having to step out of our comfort zone.
  3. Admitting failure and embracing humility.

Change is good and it leads to health but to overcome those obstacles you need to make sure you:


Sometimes the biggest obstacle to change is ourselves.  That means there is something in our hearts or lives holding us back.  A few areas to review are your:

  • Prayer Life: Are you taking the time to center yourself each day and connect with God?  If you aren’t trusting Him you are going to have a hard time taking those steps into the unknown.
  • Lifestyle Choices: Do you get enough sleep?  Are you eating right and taking care of your body?  If your physical life is out of sorts it will have an effect on your mental capacity.
  • Professional Development: Who and how are you growing in your field of expertise?  Are you attending workshops?  Do you have a professional coach?  When you invest in yourself professionally you’ll find the return always outweighs the cost.


If you try to take change on your own you’ll burn out quickly.  You need a core team that will help you:

  • Think Outside of The Box: They will point out things you might miss or take for granted.  They’ll challenge your old way of thinking which will only help you reach the next level.
  • Take On The Responsibilities That Come With Change: There are people who are going to be able to solve problems and accomplish tasks quicker than you.  Give them the reigns.
  • Pray With You Throughout The Journey: A team that prays together will connect on a deep level.  You will be able to encourage, and celebrate one another as you get closer to your goals.

When you have a core team the challenge of change will seem a little less daunting.


One of the reasons we easily get discouraged when making change is because we get caught up in the day to day grind.  Why you exist and what you have set out to do is important.

Together with your team you need to remind each other of the why by:

  • Celebrating The Goals That Are Met: Keep the momentum going by keeping the enthusiasm at a high level.
  • Sharing The Vision With Others: When you share the vision with others it challenges you to think about it through a more critical lens.  In addition you’ll create a buzz because more people will be aware of what you are trying to accomplish.

Big picture thinking is essential to enduring the obstacles of change.  It will give you hope when you fall or fail.  It reminds you why the pain and hard work is worth it.

As you get ready for a new year don’t be afraid of change.  And to help you move forward check out SWITCH: How To Change When Change Is Hard and if you are looking to set the right goals then you’ll want to read this POST from Michael Hyatt.

Question:  What is one change you need to make in order to take your ministry to the next level?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.