How To Embrace Constant Change

Change is never easy.  Even when we yearn for change it can still be difficult.  But, how we handle change is important because it impacts our efficiency and productivity.

Youth ministry and change go hand in hand.  Each year you’re saying good by to students as they move on.  You are welcoming new generations into your program.  Your volunteers, the congregation and even the community around you changes.  The question is how do you embrace it and still thrive?


Embracing change means acknowledging the fact that things will not always be the same.  It means that things out of your control will transition and therefore so will you.  By admitting it’s inevitable it gives you an open mind.


Transitions can get messy.  Adapting and moving can create distractions that will lead you away from where you need to go.  That means you need to know your ministry’s:

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values

By knowing these areas you know your identity as a ministry.  And by knowing your identity you can stay true to who God’s called you to through the transition.


When a ministry becomes about you and only you then it will not survive change.  Humility reminds us that we need to grow and learn.  It reminds us to listen, learn and trust.  


One of the reasons people push against change is because of failure.  While failure hurts it does add character and provide learning experiences.  To face your fears surround yourself with people who will push you and pick you up. And remember there is always a new day.


This is probably the most important action you can take.  Trusting God is going to keep you humble and focused.  Spending time with Him will challenge you to go outside the box.  But, it will also give you comfort that you are not alone.  Before engaging any change be sure to connect with God.

Change is hard but it’s not impossible.  You just need to make sure you embrace it because change is inevitable.

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