How To Face Conflict And Win Every Time

Not many people like conflict; however, it’s inevitable.  It might be the angry parent barraging you for not communicating or the pastor chewing you out for losing $3200 on a fundraiser.

Conflict is a part of life because life is filled with changes, mistakes and growth opportunities.  You can try to hide from conflict, but not for long.  It will find you and beat you unless you:


Anytime there is conflict it’s important to tackle it right away.  Yes it might be scary but it is necessary.  If conflict is left unresolved it will continue to grow and create a bigger mess.  You don’t have to rush, but you should act quickly to develop a plan to address the situation.


Conflict is filled with emotion and needs an outside perspective.  If you are unsure what to do find someone you trust to give you the truth you need to respond quickly.

To prepare for these situations surround yourself with people who know you personally.  These people will know how to give you feedback with love.


The best way to kill conflict is to respond with love.  If someone is coming at you with anger or frustration you can diffuse it by listening to them, thanking them for their feedback and smiling.


The buildup from conflict can wear you down.  Sometimes you need to release it.  Finding an activity like running, knitting or card tricks is always helpful, but in the end you need to give it to God.

Developing a personal prayer life is essential to surviving in ministry.  It is what will give you peace and allow you to refocus.  Make it a priority by scheduling it in and doing it consistently.

Conflict will come and it will bring challenges.  Those challenges can seem impossible and unbearable.  If you lean in early you will find that they will only make you stronger.

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