How To Get The Most Out Of Your Student Leaders

4 Best Practices That Will Raise The Bar On How They Lead


Are you satisfied with your student leadership team?  Does it feel like a group of student making a difference or just another group of teens meeting in your ministry?


If you want to get the most out of your student leaders you need to do more than just meet and gain their feedback on what they like.  You need to invest in them by:


A leader is nothing without God.  As a youth minister you need to make sure that your student leaders are also developing their spiritual relationship with Christ.

Take them on retreats, pray with them regularly and point out how God is involved in everything that they do.  The more you can help them lean on God the more confident they will grow in their ability to lead others.


If you want teenagers to become leaders you need to give them opportunities to lead others, even adults.  It’s in these real life situations where they’ll learn how to:

  • Manage a team of people.
  • Communicate responsibilities and tasks clearly.
  • Deal with the burdens of making sure people do what they are expected to do.

Start them out by giving them a task that is simple or a team that is supportive through this learning process.  The more teens can serve now, the better they will be later on in life.


Leaders grow by learning from other leaders.  Help your students connect with other leaders by bringing them to a conference or a workshop.  Show them different models and strategies.

Not only will you build up their wealth of knowledge but give them an opportunity to network with other leaders.  A great experience I recommend is the Student Leadership Conference from


While it’s good to gather your student leaders together make sure they also have the opportunity to receive 1 on 1 mentoring as well.  Connect them with a leader in your church or ministry that will help them:

  • Develop leadership skills on a personal level.
  • Process certain experiences and opportunities.
  • Apply what they learn in their everyday setting.

Make sure these meetings occur in safe environments and include parents in the process.  The more a student is poured into the more likely they will pass on what they learn to others.


Student leadership is more than just forming an inner circle.  Student leadership is about creating an opportunity to launch the next generation of disciples to make an impact on the world.

Question:  How are you investing in the student leaders in your parish?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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