How To Make Your Content Stick

You know what you want teens to know, but getting them to embrace it is a challenge.  Many times it’s easy to blame teens for not having the passion.  But, it might not be a passion problem you are experiencing.  Your delivery system could just stink.

Content is key and to make it stick you need a solid delivery system.  If you cannot communicate content effectively it will lose it’s authority and impact.  To communicate effectively and keep your students engaged you need to make sure you have:


If teens feel uncomfortable they’ll be distracted.  That means checking your temperature, keeping the space clean and having the correct lighting.  Taking care of your environments might seem tedious, but it has a larger impact than one might assume.


To deliver content effectively you need to be fully prepared.  To set you up for success build a behind the scenes team.  Find people who are going to:

  • Make copies of handouts
  • Generate questions and discussion guides
  • Provide feedback on your message
  • Develop a powerpoint presentation
  • Set-up the space

And the list can go on.  If it falls on you, you will find yourself exhausted and worn out.  Delegate as much as you can so that you can focus on giving teens what they need to know.


The great thing about the Gospel is that it’s life changing.  The challenge with sharing the Gospel is that it’s not always easy to digest.  If all you do is teach and preach without allowing the teens time to process, they will feel overwhelmed and even shut down.

Follow up a message or a lesson with small groups, journaling or just quiet time reflection.  Allow teens to process what they’ve heard and follow up with questions.  The more they can think about it, the more it will stick.


Action steps allow your teens to try out what’s being taught.  Give them actions steps that are practical and achievable.  If they are successful they can build on that success and build confidence.

Have leaders follow up with a phone call or email.  Celebrate stories where teens live out the Truth.  And encourage the ones that hit a stumbling block.  Make sure you give them opportunities to live out the faith.

Truth needs a delivery system that helps teens embrace it’s weight and practice it.  Build your youth ministry into a place where content is not only distributed but brought to life.

Question:  How do you make Truth or content stick?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.



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