How To Pull A Youth Ministry Audible

Football is back and so is a new season of youth ministry.  And just like football there will be times when you need to make a last second change.

Maybe it’s a snowstorm or a shortage of volunteers.  Maybe you are dealing with failed technology or low turnout.  No matter the obstacle you need to be prepared to pull an audible. And the way you prepare is by:


Know your strengths and your weaknesses.  This way you’ll know what you are capable of accomplishing.  This will be helpful in those last minute moments because you won’t put yourself in a situation where you are making brash decisions.


Your team needs to be able to handle high pressure situations. That means finding individuals who:

  • Think outside the box.
  • Trust one another.
  • Love what they do.
  • Understand their role.
  • Embrace the vision.

When you have a strong team it won’t matter the challenge.  They will be able to support you and help you lead from your strengths.


When you have to change plans or direction it’s important your communication is clear.  That means repeating instructions and ensuring others have heard what you’ve said.

To make sure communication is strong discuss certain scenarios.  Decide who will make decisions and how you will share it with others.  When communication is a priority the team will get stronger.


Instead of panicking consider the fact that God has you right where He wants you.  There will be times in your ministry where you have no control (i.e. snowstorm).

Instead of growing frustrated look at it as a new opportunity.  Respond by asking God, “What do you want me to do with this situation?” When you slow down and listen to the answer it’s amazing the fruit that will come from it.

Youth ministry is messy.  It’s going to have it’s challenges and a good leader is going to be able to adapt and lead his team through the change.  Prepare for these moments and you’ll be able to continue to pour into the next generation and grow disciples no matter the challenge

Question:  How do you navigate through the messiness of youth ministry?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.