How To Thrive Under Pressure

4 Practices To Help You Get Ready For The Beginning Of The Year

Life gets crazy around this time of year.  Summer is winding down (for some of us it’s over) and a full year of ministry awaits.  There is content to write, ministers to recruit and it feels like a wave that’s going to crush you.

Breathe, because you can do this.  The weeks leading up to something big, like the beginning of a season or a large event, can be daunting.  You beg God to survive, but what if you could do more.  If you want to thrive during times of pressure:


You have plans and goals, but they will be challenged and change.  In the end it’s not about following through on the plan, it’s about creating a memorable experience where teenagers feel connected to the local church.

Remain adaptable by staying leaning on God and trusting the resources He has given you.  Communicate frequently and see every change as an opportunity to grow.  When you remain adaptable you allow yourself to be shaped as a leader.


Ministry is not supposed to be complicated.  In fact you want to keep it simple because simplicity brings clarity.  If you can focus on simplicity the teenagers, parents and volunteers will know how to act.

The way to keep it simple is by remembering the ministry’s overall purpose.  Remind yourself:

  • What are we designed to do?
  • What purpose are we trying to serve?
  • What’s the overall win and vision of this ministry?

There will be distractions to do more and overcomplicate the strategy you are trying to put in place.  Keep it simple by not sweating the details.

If you need assistance bring in a fresh mind, and bring in some accountability.  Simplicity brings confidence and the more confident people are in your ministry the more likely they are to engage.


Do not be afraid to lean on the people around you.  Believe that God has brought them into your life to serve you and make you a better leader.

Don’t worry if the job is not done to your full expectations.  Look at it as a growing opportunity and a chance to build them up.  The more you can commit to your team the stronger you will be for the long haul.


While life might seem chaotic now remember you are on a journey.  Yes, you won’t get it right the first, second or even third time, but the way you will improve is by being able to look back at what you have done.

When I started this blog it was more of a journal.  From time to time I’ll look back at how I was approaching ministry and I’m amazed by how much has changed.  Change is good because it’s a sign you’ve grown, but you won’t know if you don’t log the journey.

While time is running out before that big event or kickoff weekend take a deep breath.  Remember you can do this, you were built to do this and God is on your side.

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