How You Can Let Go Of Leadership

I often get asked, “How did we get so many adults serving in our student programs?” While I would love to say the answer is my good looks and charm it’s been the ability to let go.

Being a leader that actually delegates can be a painful process, but it’s totally worth it. By letting go and letting others lead, people will be more willing to commit for the long haul.

So, how do you let go?


You can’t let go of something if you don’t trust someone else to pick it up.  The way you gain trust is by building relationships and communicating consistently with those who serve in your ministry.

Spend time to get to know their families.  Invite them to get to know yours.  When trust is present you allow others to call you out on being controlling and you know that they will pick you up when you fall.


It’s easier to let go when you know there is someone to get your back.  The more support you create for your ministers the more you create for yourself.

Partner up your leaders and give them teams of people.  Yes, that does mean you have to recruit more people; however, turnover will lessen when people know they are not alone.


Your ministry cannot be focused on you.  A self centered ministry misses the point and will fall when you fail. And even if you avoid failure it will still be limited because you are only one person.

To remain humble remind yourself this is about connecting teens to Christ.  It’s about growing the church and not your reputation.  Surround yourself with people who will remind you of this.


To stay humble, build up trust and recruit the right people you need God.  Spend time in prayer asking God to grow you as a leader and listen to His direction.  Trust that He wants your ministry to succeed.

Granted He might ask you to do some challenging things, but it’ll be worth it.  To tune in and listen to God make sure you are taking time to rest, and be fed spiritually.

When you can let go and let others lead your ministry will become a movement.  People will want to be a part of the team.  They will want to jump on board because they’ll see that it’s about something bigger than you.

Question:  What area of ministry do you need to let go of?  Why is it so challenging?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.