How You Should Approach This Summer

The snow is melting at a rapid rate and the temperature is finally manageable.  You can almost taste summer and that means summer camps, volunteer training and content planning are on the horizon.

While summer’s official start is still a few months away, it’s important to start preparing now.  If you can get ahead of the curve you can maximize your time and be better prepared for the juggernaut that fall brings.

To approach the summer correctly you need to:


Summer will fly by.  In order to keep pace you need to know what’s ahead of you.  Gather your team and ask the following questions:

  • What are we trying to improve for next year?
  • What obligations do we already have this summer?
  • What challenges will hold us back from being productive this summer?
  • What are our first steps?
  • Who needs to do what?

Ask these questions now, so that you are actively answering them in the summer.  Be flexible, knowing that life will happen and your plans might change.


Anything from meetings to changes you make need to be communicated super early and frequently.  The reason you want to get the word out now is because people check out during the summer.

Get on people’s calendars and radars.  The event doesn’t have to be perfectly planned.  But if you don’t get on their calendars something else will and you’ll have a hard time getting people in and on board.


Do not plan summer on your own.  In fact build a team who is going to help you communicate and prioritize.  The summer will get busy and in a different way from the rest of the year.

If you are afraid of burning out your current team, form one just for summers.  Ask them to focus on keeping you accountable.  Use them to help you keep your goals.

Summer isn’t a time to just dial back and go into vacation mode.  It’s good to get a break, it’s good to take time off, but don’t shut it down completely.  If you really want to enjoy summer you need a plan and now is the time to start working on it.

Question:  When do you start planning for summer and what’s your number one priority?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • Rose

    The first step for us at my two parishes will to decide what programs we will offer for the year. We must have dates for the respective parishes calendars in May, so we need to have an idea by then.

    We plan to have our first meeting next week (we wanted some time after Holy Week). Then, I suppose we will meet at the start of the summer with our volunteers to inform them of our plans.

    Our main priority of both parishes is strengthening our junior high programs. We need to get this age group into our program and active. We will be gearing our programming towards that. Our other priority is community service. I would like two major projects for Advent and Lent already set up.

  • Rose, great plan and I think it’s good to strengthen the junior high programs. You have to treat them like your farm system that pours into your high school program. Looks like a great summer ahead of you.