I Worry But I Don’t Care

My car situation is still pending…I didn’t see oil leak yesterday after talking with several people, but this morning the liquid appeared underneath my car…it wasn’t a lot but now I’m discerning my next step. I started looking at oil pan and gasket prices and they range. There is a part of me that doesn’t want to deal with it and just make it go away. The nice thing is I have people to help me do it (cheaper but more time consuming) or I could take it to my mechanic (quicker but more pricey). I’m not trying to whine about this, but I feel talking about this issue is going to help me be more prudent in my decisions when it comes to money, especially considering the fact that I have a tendency not to take money seriously.
This week after my small group I decided that I’m tired of worrying about money and at the same time I’m tired of not caring about money. It’s funny to think that you can not care; yet, worry about something at the same time. But this is how it works for me.

  • I don’t take the time to think about every minor (even some major) purchases that I make. I just make them, I obviously don’t care about whether or not I’m throwing money away, getting fooled or disregarding God’s plan.
  • I worry about money when I see the numbers and realize things are tight. I don’t know why I worry, it’s not like there isn’t a plan.

The reason one can worry; yet, not care about money may not make sense when looking at it from the surface; however, the source of these issues comes down to not taking God into consideration. If I truly took God’s plan into consideration, I would probably be more serious about God’s money. If I took His plan seriously, then I would know that His plan is fool proof and then there would be no need to worry.
So I’m tired of worrying, I’m tired of not caring, it’s time to turn things around.