How To Improve Your Ministry’s Environment

I’ll be honest.  I have youth ministry environment envy.  Whenever I walk into another person’t youth space I think, “Man, why can’t I have that?”  We share our space with a variety of groups.  It’s been working, but I still dream of the day we have our own.

Fortunately you don’t need your own space to have an irresistible environment.  Whether you share or are confined to the catacombs of your church your environments can have a positive impact on your ministry.  To have the right environment you just need to:


If a restaurant was dirty you wouldn’t go back to eat. Keeping your space clean and in order is essential to keeping your teens engaged. A messy room is a distraction. It doesn’t feel as welcoming.

Take time each week to walk through your space and organize. If you need assistance ask a volunteer to help you keep it clean. At the end of the night ask students to take charge in maintaining the cleanliness of your environment.


How you design and furnish your space will cost money.  While sometimes you have to go used, but don’t settle for it.  Talk with your pastor about investing in the space. Maybe it’s putting aside money for a new couch or piece of technology.

It might feel like you are throwing money away; however, the investment will be worth it. When you create an environment that feels fresh, new and innovative teenagers will tell their friends. A space well used is worth the investment.


Not everyone has their own space (We don’t). Sharing space and tight budgets takes a little creativity. Invest in durable furniture. Create a set-up that requires little transition.  Build a team to help with set-up and break down.

It’ll take more work at first. But, once the system is in place it’ll be worth it.  Your environments take an investment of not just your money but time.

Your environments matter because it’ll impact your audience’s participation. Enhance your space by putting the time, energy and money into creating irresistible ones. When teens are comfortable, they are engaged.  When teens are engaged they are listening to what you have to say.

Question:  What challenges do you face with creating irresistible environments?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.