Investment in Freedom

I went to the bank this past Friday to bring in all the change I had rolled up. It was pretty funny because I had a black plastic bag filled with my rolled coins (about $100) and when I put the bag in front of the teller she gave me a look that said, “Are you serious?”
Bringing in the change has been a part of my quest to find money where it’s not usually found. So far I’m finding money not only in the change I’ve rolled, but the old video games I’ve collected, the firewood in my backyard (I don’t have a fire place) and some old CD’s. In the end it won’t amount to much but it’ll still be significant.
This money game that I’ve been playing has been fun but exhausting. It’s fun because I’m learning how much God has blessed me with the stuff He has given me, it’s exhausting because I’m in the midst of changing the way I think about money. I need to look at what I need to get rid of to be free to do God’s work. Today’s message has all been about being free of debt, because when we are free of debt we are no longer in financial slavery. Managing money wisely isn’t just about honoring God, it’s about liberating ourselves so that we can allow God to bless us. This money game I’ve been playing has been about finding how blessed I am…so far it’s more than I’ve ever imagined.