Lean In Alone And You Will Fail

Just spent most of the week weeding and cleaning out the back yard.  With a busy Spring and a lot of rain I was unable to tackle the back yard like I had originally wanted.  At first I was reluctant to tackle the jungle and all the creatures that loomed in the brush, the complexity of where to start was overwhelming.  Finally, I got sick of looking at the mess and I dove in.
Whether it’s ministry or in your personal life there will be times when we walk into complex situations that cause extreme anxiety.  What that is is different for each of us.  It could an inbox exploding with emails or the looming removal of a long time minister.  No matter the situation you have a choice:


No matter how difficult it may seem we know leaning into conflict is the wise thing to do because it’s moving forward and seeking out a resolution.  But to actually lean in, to trust God and come out on the other side is extremely difficult (otherwise everyone would do it.)  So how do we lean in?
The answer I give anyone who asks this question is:

Surround yourself with people you trust.

Whether it’s through a small group, an accountability team or a group of friends, make sure you are surrounded with people who are going to:

  • Point You To God
  • Pray With You
  • Let You Be Vulnerable

Ministry is not meant to be done on your own.  Even if you feel like your relationship with God is healthy, it truly isn’t if you aren’t sharing life with people who you can count on.  If you haven’t already, search for a network of youth workers.  To get started click here.  If you are new to the game or have never been told, know that there are hundreds of youth workers (like me) out there willing to lean in with you.

How do get through the conflict?

Where do you network with other youth workers?