Looking at Student Impact

I want to take this week to describe some of the ministry opportunities going on in student ministry, give people an idea of what we offer, so today we are going to look at Student Impact:

Why: We wanted to create opportunities for students to discover their spiritual gifts and practice reaching out to those looking to go deeper in their relationship with Christ. We look to do this by having them focus on the church’s mission of Loving God, Loving Others and Making Disciples through authentic, consistent and irresistible ministry.
Where: Church of the Nativity
When: Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays during weekend Mass and programming.

Before it all starts:
Students sign up for Student Impact Orientation by going to the Church of the Nativity website and clicking Get Involved. They will then be contacted by our Director of Student Impact who will inform them of the next orientation date.

During Orientation:
Students are lead in worship, given practical training on safety and responsibility, given a rundown of where they can serve and why this is a part of their relationship with God. They will learn from their peers and discern where God is calling them to serve.

The Ministries Are:
Childrens (Kidzone, All Stars, Time Travelers, Religious Ed)
Creative Arts (Music, Art, Creative Writing, Drama and Dance)
Creative Tech
Cafe Ministry
Peer Ministry (Ascent:High School Students Only)
Host (High School Students Only)
Parking Lot (High School Students Only)

How Adults are Involved:
Adult ministers are an important part of the process because they not only help place students in the best ministry, but they act as a support network for when a teen is unsure of how to handle a situation. A Student Impact minister not only serves as a liaison between the student and Ministry First Serve Coordinator but a behind the scenes motivator.