Maintain Strength During Busy Seasons

Last week after Thanksgiving my body just crashed.  I’m not one that usually gets sick.  I think my body was just done from all the craziness of the fall.  I had no strength to even consider Black Friday shopping or turkey leftovers.  After some much needed sleep, tea and a few cough drops I was ready to tackle the Christmas season.

Every business has it’s busy season.  In ministry those seasons can seem like they never end.  To maintain your strength during a busy season you need endurance, and patience.  To help you keep those qualities and come out stronger than before make sure you:

  • Revisit Your Commitments:  When you hit a busy season it might mean scaling back on what you usually do.  Look at your commitments and prioritize by what has to be done, what can be pushed back and what can be delegated.  By having focus you’ll be more efficient and expediting less energy.
  • Tighten Your Schedule: During busy seasons it’s easy to get distracted and overlook important dates.  Find one time a week (Or day) to review your calendar.  Set reminders for yourself and send reminders to those you are meeting with.  Make sure you know your schedule because it will be your guide to stay on track.
  • Embrace Accountability: Busy seasons can be emotional.  To maintain spiritual, emotional and mental strength find someone you trust to ask, “How are you doing?”  You might be pressed to say, “I’m fine.”; therefore, make sure it’s with someone who truly knows you.  When someone sees that you are struggling they can step in and help you fill the holes.  Do not isolate yourself.

Maintain your strength by having a plan.  Granted you might need a break at the end of a crazy season; however, you will not be burned out.  Find the right people to guide you and stay focused on what’s important.  In the end you’ll emerge strong, if not stronger than before.

How do you maintain strength in a busy season?