Making Those Lists Really Work

Yesterday was perfect with the sun shining, the temperature not too hot, not too cold and Kate’s aunt in town to help with Matthew I was able to knock several things off my to do list.  I planted grass seed in the backyard, replaced a car antenna, ran a couple of errands to Home Depot, ran 3 miles, pulled weeds, trimmed hedges, and repaired a screen window, so give me my gold star now!  No, but in all reality it was nice to get things off that list, a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. 
While I was at Autozone waiting in line to purchase the car antenna I was talking with a fellow customer who told me every time he goes to the store he always leaves forgetting to buy one thing he came to get.  He said to me, “Making those lists really work!”
I look at my whiteboard in my office and I don’t have a list on it right now, I’m going to spend some time compiling one.  Making a list is like setting goals, making markers on your vision journey.  Right now I have several things on my student ministry lists.  Some small things and some big things that need to be knocked out.  The great thing about lists too is they always set a challenge so that you never grow stagnant.  Here are a few things on my list: Confirmation apps for 2010, Confirmation letters for 2009, S*Mile Work Camp, outline for the last series of the year, Weeks 3/4 of Faith Underground, parents planning meeting and the list goes on.  It’s actually a lot, which is the result of not having my schedule in order,and not prioritizing.  So first thing on my list is to create a list and start working at it, then I’ll put it in order of importance…simple.  What’s on your to do list?