Metro Ministry

I went to the David Crowder Band concert in DC last night. Kate had gotten me tickets for my birthday, and it was a real treat. To get there we drove down to Bethesda, MD hoped on the red line to the Metro Center and then the blue line to Foggy Bottom (right by GWU and the Kennedy Center). I’ve always enjoyed driving into DC and taking the metro because it reminds me of growing up in NJ and how I use to head into NYC. But while on the metro I noticed the huge array of people, guys in suits, college students, blue collar, families, etc. and realized how nice it was to be immersed in this mosaic of people. It was also good to see that this form of public transportation was accessible for all and helped people get to their destination. In a way the DC Metro is a sign of how a community works together to make things happen in a community.
I’m looking at the whiteboard that’s been put up in my office (it’s a little crooked) and I’m thinking about the metro that needs to be constructed in student ministry. How are we working as a community to ensure students get from point A to point B? Is the map from point A to point B clear? Are we recognizing the array of students (sold out, stumblers and seekers) walking in and what train are we putting them on?