More About The Snow

I did more shoveling yesterday, and I’ll probably do more tonight and then tomorrow because of the upcoming storm. That would make 6 days in a row of shoveling. It’s kind of amazing to see how under resourced we are to handle storms like this…I’m sure if we were up north it would slow things down for a little bit, but roads would be cleared in a matter of hours. It almost feels like this area worked their butts off to get rid of snow, to persevere and then just gave up. I know that’s not what really happened, but there is a boat load of streets that haven’t been plowed, sidewalks are nowhere to be found, cars (that are driving around) have 2ft of snow on them…it feels as if the area has been defeated.
I don’t want the snow to slow us down at Nativity, that’s why I’m really hoping and pushing to have Uprising (high school program) on Thursday, even if it looks different, it’ll be good to get the students out and it’ll be good to get this next series started. And even when there isn’t snow it can be tough to push through the burdens, obstacles and weight of life to get ministry to move forward. There’s burnout, parents, pastors, life change, tragedy, etc. that can derail a ministry, but as long as you work through it, focus on Christ, realize that this is just a moment in time, all those obstacles become nothing. The snow is from God, but not to punish us, it’s here and we are all learning something different from it, but the 3ft and counting is a blessing because it shows just how powerful He is and can remind us how powerful His love is.