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Finding the right speaker matters.  Not only do you want a speaker who is dynamic in presentation, but authentic in the story and examples he or she is sharing.

When I attend conferences and youth ministry trainings I want someone who has lived the content of their message.  I want to know what has worked, what hasn’t and what they have learned.  When I know a speaker has lived what they are sharing it gives greater depth to the content.

I want to thank you for checking out this page and considering me as a speaker for your next engagement.  My hope is that this page clearly communicates what I can offer and how I can help make your next event inspiring and engaging.  Again, thank you for your consideration.


This page provides an overview of what I have to offer as a speaker. You can click on the links below to take you directly to the relevant sections.

What You Can Expect
A Little Bit About Me
My Most Requested Topics
The Next Steps and Virtual Training

If you want to check my availability for your event, or if you have some questions before proceeding further, please click here:



Here’s what you can expect from me:

  1. Prompt, professional replies to your phone calls and email messages.
  2. A personal phone consultation with a member of my team prior to your event, so we can better understand how I can best serve you and your audience.
  3. An announcement about your event on my blog and social media channels. (This assumes that your event is open to the public and you want additional visibility for it.)
  4. A professionally prepared, dynamically delivered presentation focused on achieving the outcomes you want with your audience.
  5. A custom resource page, exclusively created for your attendees. It will include the slides I used in the presentation, along with links to books, articles, and other resources I believe will be helpful.
  6. A quick follow-up communication after the event with someone on my team, to make sure I met your expectations. (I also want to know how you think I can improve.)


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I’m the full time Director of Student Ministry at Church of the Nativity in Timonium, MD.  Every week I’m speaking to teenagers and young adults about their faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.

At the same time I’ve spent the last two years speaking to youth ministers, parishes and Dioceses as a part of the Rebuilt tour and Matter Conference.  My main message is to share what I know, what I’ve learned and experienced as an individual working in the local parish.

I’m married, to my wonderful wife Kate and together we have two boys Matthew and Benjamin.  In my free time I enjoy running, hiking, camping and cooking.  To learn more about my story please visit my about me page here.

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I speak on topics related to youth ministry program development.  I’m flexible to customize my presentations to fit your audience and your event.  My goal is to facilitate the outcome you desire.

My most requested topics include the following.  Please now that they can be done as a workshop, keynote or breakout.  I’ve given half day and full day presentations as well.  Each topic has a brief description:

Rebuilding Youth Ministry: Too often youth ministry is overlooked and undervalued in the parish setting. And that’s because youth ministry is messy. Youth ministry is meant to be something more and it can be. In fact an effective and efficient youth ministry will bring a parish to a new level.

In Rebuilding Youth Ministry we will provide practical strategies to build and rebuild a youth ministry in the local parish through the story of a currently active youth minister. (Also offered as a workshop)

Embracing Conflict And Change In Youth Ministry: Teens are disconnected, volunteers are non-existent, parents are out to get you and your pastor is never on board. While youth ministry is a grind the work is worth it. You just need to learn how to embrace conflict and change.

In Embracing Conflict and Change in Youth Ministry we look at how to take on challenges, and grow your ministry despite the conflict that comes with it.

Commissioning The Next Generation: Confirmation is a moment in our lives where we get to proclaim our love and commitment to God, the church and following Christ. However, for so many parishes and their youth ministries it’s become a graduation. Somewhere and somehow this beautiful sacrament became another item on the Catholic family’s checklist.

In the breakout Commissioning The Next Generation we will look at taking back the sacrament and building a program that helps teenagers go deeper and wider in their faith.

Next Generation Small Groups: Events and retreats are important to bringing excitement to a parish, but it’s through small groups where real life change occurs. Every teenager is looking for an authentic relationship that can be found in a small group setting.

In this breakout we will look at what a small group program for youth is supposed to look like and how to build one from the ground up. (Also offered as a workshop)

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Thanks again for considering me for your event. You can take the next step by checking my availability. Just click on the orange button below. Someone on my team will get back with you right away.



Sometimes hiring a speaker to come out and speak to your team is expensive or logistically not possible.  Another way to have me talk to your team is through virtual training.  All you need is Internet and video capabilities.  Contact me HERE to learn more.

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