Get Equipped And Collaborate

Anytime you are taking on a project like preparation for Confirmation you’ll face a number of obstacles and issues that can be difficult to face on your own.  You not only need the right tools but a community that will help you reach the next level.

MYM Huddle: Confirmation Membership is an online experience that offers its members access to the wisdom and knowledge of someone who has built a Confirmation preparation from the ground up through field-tested resources, interactive lessons, and a collaborative community.

Throughout this course, you’ll receive interactive training and resources that will help you build a healthy Confirmation program at your church.

Enrollment for the MYM Huddle is currently closed, please check back in a few months for news on when the next Huddle will open.

What Does The Commitment Look Like?

This MYM Huddle is a 6-month commitment ENROLLMENT IS CURRENTLY CLOSED.  Each month there will be a live video training (1 hour) with Chris Wesley and his team.  If you miss a live training you’ll have access to playbacks.

What Else Does The MYM HUDDLE Offer?

As a member of the MYM Confirmation Huddle, you will receive guides to help you go deeper with each training, downloadable tools and you will also be a part of a community of other like-minded individuals looking to change Confirmation preparation in their church.  We not only expect you to learn but to contribute your thoughts and your ideas.

Are Spots Limited?

Yes.  In order to make this an effective experience, we can’t have hundreds of people.  A key part of this program is the ability to interact and grow as a community.

How Will I Collaborate With Other Members?

During the live video training, you’ll have the opportunity to not only interact with Chris but other participants.  You will also receive a private invitation to a Slack and Facebook Group where you can connect with other participants in between each session.

What Will The Video Trainings Cover?

Below are some of the topics we’ll cover; however, a few of them could change depending on the needs of the community:

  • How to create an effective and efficient registration process.
  • Recruiting the right people to serve as leaders and catechists.
  • Getting buy-in from candidates, parents and your congregation.
  • Developing a structure that fits the limitations and opportunities in your parish.

Do I Need To Own Rebuilding Confirmation To Participate?

It’s not necessary but it will definitely help.  Throughout the course, Chris will point to specific pages and chapters.  To get your copy you can order it HERE.

Is This Only For Catholic Churches?

While Chris’ experience is mainly in a Catholic parish setting it is open to other denominations that prepare for the sacrament of Confirmation.  If you want to discuss it further you can email us at

Does It Cost Anything To Join The MYM Huddle?

There is a monthly subscription fee which will be announced at the next open enrollment for MYM Huddle.

What If I Sign Up And Decide It’s Not For Me?

We’ll miss you but we understand that this isn’t for everyone.  If you decide that you aren’t able to commit we’ll cancel your subscription and no future payments will be due.

For other questions please feel free to shoot us an email to