The Need For Instant Results

Refresh, refresh, refresh!” I don’t have cable so once in a while I have to watch my teams play on my phone.  I want the instant results of each play.  I want to know if the shot is made, if the guy got out or if they got the first down.  No matter how much I yell or refresh, I have to wait for the app to refresh.

When it comes to youth ministry we all desire instant results.  Results help us determine if we’re heading in the right direction.  So, each week we wonder, “Are we making progress?” or “Is this worth the effort?”  

Sometimes we have to wait on the answer because:

Youth Ministry Is A Journey 

It’s a journey because…:

  • It Takes Time To Build Trust: If teens do not know you they won’t be quick to open up.  Trust takes time and it comes from consistent relationships and opportunities.  Conversations might start as shallow; however, over time as a student learns to trust their leaders they’ll be more likely to go deep.
  • Word Needs To Spread: If you say it once don’t assume everyone’s heard it instantly.  In fact to get a buzz out on your youth ministry takes constant communication.  Tackle different mediums, repeat what it is you need to say and ask others to advocate for you.  
  • Experience Builds Effectiveness: You won’t necessarily get it right the first time.  With experience comes from learning from your mistakes and making tweaks on your progress. While you might want instant perfection, know it takes planning and practice.
  • It’s Not Always On Your Timing: There will be times when a project or an event will not work out.  Instead of losing hope take comfort that it might not be the right time.  God has a plan for your ministry, what you need to do is lean into Him and trust His lead.

Youth ministry is a journey because it’s about growing relationships.  It takes time to see certain results and that’s why as a leader you need patience.  You need to allow people to open up and you have to have faith that God is constantly working.

What results are you constantly seeking?