Never Design Another Flyer

A Great Resource From Parish Designer

Today, I’m happy to introduce a great resource for youth ministers. is a service for youth ministers and parishes looking to promote their events, programs and ministries.  Founded by Michael Marchand, he brings years of youth ministry and design experience.


His goal is to:

“Take care of the graphics, so that you can focus on the youth ministry.”

And that’s huge because youth ministry is difficult and we can’t spend time messing with graphics.  Instead you need to be focusing on relationships and systems to grow disciples.  What I love about is how it:

PROVIDES YOUR MINISTRY WITH EXCELLENCE isn’t clip art, it’s a quality product provided by professional designers who will give your youth ministry a professional feel.  Not only will it look professional, but it will be engaging as well.


The reason people will miss out on your ministry is because it’s not number one on their priority list.  If you can brand your ministry, make your event memorable it will rise to the top of that list. will give your event or program a look that will capture people’s attention.


A year subscription gives you 30 designs.  That means 30 different promotions for events like retreats, camps, message series, and much more.  That’s hundreds of hours you save.

Plus, the “market value” of a design is around $200. So at $30 per design, hiring a freelance professional designer would cost more than six times what you’re paying for a design from ParishDesigner.

And if you aren’t ready to bite off a whole year you can sign up for 2 designs a month at $87.  Again, saving so much money and most importantly time.

As a youth minister I believe outsourcing is huge especially if it gives you more time investing in leaders, teens and families.  And, I’m happy to tell you that is allowing me to give you the BEST DEAL POSSIBLE.

If you go to and use coupon code: marathon for the annual deal the people at will take off $100.  If you use the coupon code: marathon5 for the monthly deal your first month will only be $5!

But, here’s the BONUS. The first 3 people to take advantage of this deal will get an additional $100 of their annual pass.  That adds up to a SAVINGS OF $200 off of your yearly subscription.

Don’t miss out, go to and start saving time, energy and making youth ministry beautiful once again.