New Resource: This Week In YM Podcast

Even after 10 years of youth ministry I have to admit that I don’t know it all.  In fact I feel like there is more that I don’t know than do know.  That’s why connecting with experienced youth workers is important.


Terrace Crawford is one of those youth workers that’s helped me grow in my ministry.  His website is such a great resource for equipping and empowering youth workers to go the extra mile.

Recently he’s started a new project, one that I’m very excited about.  A few weeks ago he launched:


While there are only a couple of episodes available Terrace has jumped right into some big subjects (i.e. parents).  And yes there are many different podcasts out there but what I enjoy about this one is that it’s:


Terrace is someone who is in the trenches of youth ministry.  He has years of experience in the field and with guiding other youth workers.  This isn’t theoretical it’s tried and tested.

You aren’t going to learn everything on your own.  Sometimes you need to seek the wisdom of people who have been there before.  So far Terrace has had some excellent guests like Mark Oestreicher (aka Marko) and Jeremy Lee ( to share their story.


What I love about Terrace is his heart for other youth workers.  This podcast isn’t about fame, it’s about helping youth ministers who are in the trenches trying to figure out the next step.

Is this the only podcast I listen to?  No.  But, it’s one that I’ve enjoyed so far.  On top of great resources Terrace has some big giveaways as a celebration for the launch of this podcast.  Those giveaways include:

  • A Brand New GoPro camera (For more info on that giveaway click Here)
  • FREE TICKET to the Orange Conference (For more info on that giveaway click Here)

Be sure to check it out at or listen on iTunes:

Question:  What’s the best youth ministry advice you’ve ever received?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.