Odd Weekends

Last night was a little rough because the circumstances exposed our need for a better system. The system I’m talking about is how we deal with “Odd Weekends”. An Odd Weekend is a weekend where there is no series because of the calendar (i.e. Palm Sunday) or because of the weather (i.e. the recent weather causing us to wait a week before we launched our Lenten Series).
Other student ministries do a “Best of Weekend” on these “Odd Weekends”. Basically the premise is to create a weekend worship where you do the best songs, games, activities and messages. There are no small groups, the focus is more corporate worship, but the theme or subject is something that you can breakdown in one night. The purpose of these evenings is to do what we do best (so you aren’t recreating the wheel), which gives ministers a small break. Plus they break things up, give pause to the regular schedule so that people don’t get caught in the same old, same old.
So what are these themes? What are these games? What are these songs that we are the best at and the students enjoy so much so that when we do a “Best of Weekend” it can be fun and enjoyable? Guess we’ll have to ask around.