Want To Grab The Attention Of Your Teens And Their Parents?

Ever feel like your message is falling on deaf ears? Is it because people are too busy and distracted? Or, is it because you are not intentional with how you communicate?

Youth ministers are communicators. Whether you speak at your program, a training for volunteers or a meeting for parents you need to have a clear and effective message.  If you don’t

Maybe You’ve Been Doing Ministry All Wrong

Have you ever wondered, “Do I really know what I’m doing?” It’s a thought we all have but are afraid to answer. Even if the answer is NO that’s okay because sometimes we have to re-think youth ministry.

Last week I attended the DYM 100, a mini conference hosted by Download Youth Ministry. Reggie Joiner, founder of Orange opened up the conference sharing 7 ways he was re-thinking youth ministry:

Are You Suffering From Email Overload?

4 Pracitical Tips That Will Help You Own Your Inbox

I go back and forth whether or not to eliminate email from my phone. It’s a distraction from family and rest, but a necessary form of communication. Where do you fall?

No matter the decision it’s important to set rules around your email use. If you don’t you’ll find yourself struggling to get any REAL work done. To be more productive with your inbox start:

Why You Are Making It Difficult For Parents

3 Steps That Will Create A Healthier Relationship Between You, Mom And Dad

If you’ve been in ministry long enough you know that connecting with parents can be a struggle. But, what if we were the problem?

What if we were the reason parents seemed irrational, unruly and apathetic? What if it was us making it difficult for parents?

Is Ministry Wearing You Out?

6 Behaviors That Will Save Your Energy And Expand Your Capacity

Every Monday I used to wake up feeling hungover, but the cause wasn’t drinking…it was youth ministry. As a 20 something I could bounce back but as I got older I realized things had to change.

Ministry will wear you out because it’s messy. You are dealing with real people facing real life and it can drain you if you don’t instill the right habits. If you want to stop feeling tired and last in ministry you need to: