Does Everyone On Your Team Have Your Back?

5 Steps Every Leader Should Take To Address Disloyalty


You can’t do ministry on your own, you need a team.  But, what happens when you feel like someone on your team doesn’t have your back?

The only thing worst than doing ministry on your own is running it with a team that you feel like is disloyal and undermining.  If you ignore it, it will only grow and eventually take you out of the game.  To address it you need to:

5 Priceless Principles For Staying Married In Ministry

A young guy fresh out of college once asked me, “Is it possible for someone to pursue a career in parish ministry and start a family full time?”

It’s a question that I struggled with when I first started on this journey and it’s a question I still wrestle with today.  Being married in ministry is challenging, but doable as long as you:

MYM 5 Minute Thought: What You Have To Do This Summer To Strengthen Your Ministry

It might not feel like summer, but it’s definitely time to get ready and have a plan.  In this MYM 5 Minute Thought Chris takes a look at the work youth ministers need to do in order to strengthen their ministry in the fall.

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How To Engage Your Audience

4 Highly Important Areas To Check Before You Speak

Have you ever wondered, “Are people listening?”  It’s a question we ask at parent meetings, giving a message to teenagers or a training with volunteers.  It’s an important question to answer because if they aren’t engaged with what you are saying then you are just wasting time.

Engaging your audience isn’t just based on charisma and talent.  You need to work at it and it takes a plan.  To fully grab their focus you need to:

How To Get Teens Excited About Serving

4 Fresh Approaches To Building A Servant Leader Culture

I love helping out a teenager; however, my eyes roll every time I have to sign off on a service hour requirement for school.  While I love the fact that teens are getting involved I don’t like that it’s become a requirement.

Teenagers need to serve because it helps them grow as disciples, but making them do it as a requirement is not the answer.  If you want to grow disciples who serve locally, nationally and internationally because they Love God and Love Others then you need to make sure you: