Should You Have To Work Weekends?

Should you have to work weekends to run a healthy youth ministry? YES.  I didn’t always think that way because I didn’t want to think that way.  I wanted to sleep in on Sundays.  I wanted to watch football and hangout.  That’s the problem it was about me.

For your youth ministry to be successful.  For your parish to succeed it needs the youth minister there on the weekend.  More specifically you need to be there when Mass or services are occurring.  

If your family attends a separate parish you need to have the hard conversation about switching because believe it or not your presence matters.  Why?  Because it says so much and it affects your churches health.  By working on the weekends you are able to:

4 Components Of The Perfect Youth Ministry Format

Teens had to be there.  The activities were too long.  I spoke with no point or direction.  Our youth ministry program format was perfect for driving teens away.  Something had to change. 

Courtesy of Keoni Cabral/Courtes of Creative Commons License

Courtesy of Keoni Cabral/Creative Commons License

Maybe it’s your first year in youth ministry and you’ve walked into a mess.  Maybe you’ve been in the same place for a while and you’ve hit a rut.  

You are disappointed by the attendance.  Volunteers are hard to come by.  Things need to change.  If you are looking to create, tweak or change your youth ministry’s format be sure you:

3 Action Steps To Start Off The Year Right

I still have those dreams of walking into the first day off high school totally not prepared for the year.  You know that dream?  You are missing books, your schedule…even your pants?  Okay, maybe not that extreme.  Getting ready for the fall season of youth ministry can have the same pressures.

Over the next few weeks kids will start going back to school.  As they get ready they’ll:

  • Buy their school supplies.
  • Get to know their schedule.
  • And maybe pick up some new outfits.

As a youth ministry it’s time to get ready, especially if you have not already started.  It’s that last push to before the fall season starts.  To make sure you are ready for the year ahead here are 3 actions that you need to take to start the year off right:

How To Deal With “Hard To Love” Teenagers

He was a “Hard To Love” teenager.  Deep down inside you knew he was a good kid, but he was just too much of a disruption.  There we were with his parents discussing what to do with the situation.

Courtesy of sarihuella/Creative Commons License

Courtesy of sarihuella/Creative Commons License

In the end we developed a plan to have him take a break for a week.  It was tough, but in the end worth it.  As he got older he matured and became a great student leader. 

What To Do When No One Is Showing Up

It felt more like a band practice than a night of worship.  No one was showing up to our student ministry.  We had 4 teens in the student band, 1 running our tech and then each week there would be a visiting teen who would never return.  It felt demoralizing.

Attendance is one of the most frustrating parts of youth ministry.  When no one shows up we can feel like a failure.  When the RSVP’s for an event are low we consider canceling.  When no one is coming it’s easy to consider a different career.  Instead of growing helpless, start taking action by: