How To Pick The Right Small Group Content

3 Signs It's Right For Your Ministry

What content are you using for your youth ministry? Is it doing everything it promised? If you aren’t totally satisfied with your purchase or if you’re struggling to use it that’s okay.

No curriculum is perfect for your youth ministry. But, there are some resources that are better. Deciding on which ones to choose and why can be challenging. So before you add that message series to your cart or hit subscribe be sure you:

Why Youth Small Groups Are So Important

5 Reasons To Start Them In Your Youth Ministry

Want to know why a teenager will come back to your youth ministry? It’s because they feel connected and known. The best way to build that connection is with small groups.

Small groups are one of the most effective structures your youth ministry can embrace. If you really want to have an impact on a teenagers life you need to invest make them an intricate part of your ministry because small groups:

Why Your Ministry Needs An Apprenticeship Model To Survive

5 Steps To Building The Leadership Structure Your Ministry Needs To Thrive

One of my biggest fears as a youth minister was knowing who was going to keep the ministry going after I was gone. That fear became a reality when I left my job last year.

Anytime you leave there is going to be a void. People will miss your personality and leadership style; however, it shouldn’t create a situation where everything around you collapses. To bridge the gap and avoid disaster your ministry needs to:

The Most Effective Way To Grow Disciples

4 Behaviors Every Small Group Leader Should Embrace

Think about the people who have had the greatest impact on your faith. Maybe it was a priest, a parent or a volunteer. What made them a great mentor? Was it what they taught you or the fact that they were simply present?

When it comes to your ministry you need to surround your teens with volunteers that behave like great mentors. In the Harvard Business Review article, What the Best Mentors Do, author Anthony K. Tjan shares 4 behaviors that every mentor should embrace:

What a Real Student Leader Looks Like

4 Steps To Get The Most Out Of Your Teenage Leaders

Close your eyes and imagine walking into your church on a Sunday morning. As you walk in you are greeted by teenagers with warm smiles. They are serving alongside adults creating a welcoming environment for all those seeking something more.

It might feel like a pipe dream but getting the next generation to serve at a high level in your church is doable. It takes time but the investment is something that will change your church’s direction. To develop real student leaders you need to first: