3 Questions To Ask Before The Next Meeting

With the beginning of the fall season right around the corner it’s important to get everyone on the same page.  The tendency is to plan a slew of meetings, which isn’t the most attractive idea.

Meetings can be boring, long, pointless and a waste of time.  But, what if they didn’t have to be?  Before you start getting all of your leaders together to go through a list of to-do’s answer the following questions:

What You Need For Powerful Small Groups

Something we say a lot around Church of the Nativity is that life change happens in circles.  We believe that small groups at the adult, teen and kid level are a powerful way of helping people grow in their relationship with Christ.

But, small groups is more than just rounding up teenagers in a circle.  To make them truly life changing you need to invest in them by:

How To Find Committed Small Group Leaders

Life change happens in small groups.  But, small groups only work if you can find the right people.  People who will commit for the long haul.  It can almost feel impossible.

Youth ministers want to know the trick to finding committed small group leaders.  The reality is that there is no trick. It’s really just a few practical steps.  To find the right leaders you need to take initiative by:

How To Avoid And Address Burnout

No one wants to face BURNOUT. It’s the threshold where everyone around you is irritating.  Moving through the day is like running through mud.  And at the end of the week you are totally wiped.

You will face periods of burnout in ministry.  Burnout is a sign that you need to step back and gain a fresh perspective.  If you want to serve in ministry for the long haul you need to address burnout by:

5 Components Of An Effective Crowd Program

A key to a consistent ministry is small groups.  It’s small groups where teens go deeper.  It’s small groups where life change can happen.  But, it’s in the large group where momentum is created.

While small groups are important you need a time where teens gather together in a large group.  This is where they learn how to be a part of the larger church.  It’ll show them community and corporate worship.  But, it’s not just about fun and games.  An effective large group program: