How To Help Your Volunteers Fight Busyness

You send out an email reminder to leaders about that meeting you’ve spent months planning only to get this reply, “Hey, would love to join you but I’ve been so BUSY. Sorry, I can’t make it.”  It’s frustrating, but it’s a reality.


Your leaders are busy.  In fact all of us are busy and that’s an understatement.  One of the main reasons a volunteer stops showing up or doesn’t ever get involved is because they don’t have: 

How To Be A Resource To Parents

As a parent of small children I’m constantly reminded that my wife and I can’t do this on our own. That’s why we are constantly looking for assistance from people, books, blogs and websites. While there is a lot available not all of it is useful.

Youth ministries are competing against so much to prove to parents that it’s an important part of a teen’s life.  You as the youth minister need to show why.  

To show parents how you can be more than just a resource you need to start:

What Do You Want People To Know?

Unfortunately people are not mind readers.  If they were volunteers would do want you want them to do.  Students and parents would get why you want them there.

We all have a message we want to get across to people.  Unfortunately we aren’t always sure how to deliver it.  To get your message across you need to:

Are You Afraid To Let Down People?

We’ve all experienced a broken promise.  They hurt.  An expectation is made and when it’s not met you feel let down.

In youth ministry there is a pressure to include everyone.  We feel like everyone needs to get involved.  The problem is it’s not possible.  People will be let down and disappointed because:

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