How To Take Criticism

5 Steps To Stay Positive When It Seems Difficult

Maybe it’s been a parent chewing you out or a volunteer giving you critiques you didn’t want to hear, we’ve all faced criticism that leaves us feeling empty.


While you might want to fight back the best thing you can do is stay positive.  Stay positive and develop a plan that will help you diffuse the situation.  5 Steps that have helped me stay positive are:


Building A Young Adult Ministry

Why This Age Group Is So Important To The Future Of Your Parish

How confident are you that your teens will continue to grow in their faith after high school?  It’s a scary question because the answer forces us to evaluate our ministry’s effectiveness.


At the same time the responsibility to grow next generation disciples doesn’t just fall on the youth ministry. It’s a church wide effort because you cannot guarantee people will come back when they get married or have kids.  To bridge the gap you need to:

Are You Giving Parents What They Need To Succeed?

4 Ways To Invest In Parents That Will Guarantee A Return

When I was starting out in ministry I didn’t know how to handle parents.  I felt judged.  I didn’t know if they were for me so I decided to avoid them as much as possible.  Needless to say that was a mistake.


After years of maturing, humility and becoming a parent I’ve come to realize that you can’t have a healthy ministry if you don’t invest in parents.  When you invest in parents they’ll return that investment, but that will only happen if you give them:

Master How You Communicate To Teenagers

7 Tips That Will Make You A Better Speaker

Every youth minister wants to engage the next generation.  One of the best ways to do that is through the way you communicate.  However, mastering the art of communicating is not easy.


While some people are natural communicators, everyone has to work at it.  And even if you aren’t the most gifted here are 7 tips that will make you a better speaker: