The Most Effective Way To Recruit Volunteers

6 Simple Steps To Remove The Stress From Finding Volunteers Last Minute

Whether you need volunteers in a few months or a matter of minutes there is always stress associate with recruiting volunteers.  The good news is that doesn’t have to be the case.

The SECRET IS TO HAVE A STRATEGY and it doesn’t have to be complicated.  If you want to effectively and successful recruit volunteers you need to:

Do You Need To Brand Your Ministry?

3 Truths That Will Help You Effectively Market Your Ministry

Branding works.  When you see golden arches you think about McDonalds.  You see a swoosh and it’s Nike.  But, when someone thinks about your ministry what comes to mind?

Does your ministry need a logo?  Does it need a slogan or catch phrase?  Should you be working with the student band to compose a jingle?  Maybe.

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Why Your Ministry Needs Crowd Ministers

4 Reasons they make your ministry better

The backbone of our student ministry is small groups. It’s where teens feel connected and are able to go deeper in their faith.  While small group leaders are essential they wouldn’t be successful without crowd ministers.

What are crowd ministers?  They are the men and women who extend your capability as a manager.  With them you’ll be able to create environments and opportunities for teens to grow.  They are the men and women who: