Why Youth Ministry Needs To Exists

It’s a moment many of us face if you’ve been in youth ministry more than a month. It’s that moment when you are getting into your car or your bed and you wonder, “Why am I doing this?”

A big problem with youth ministry is that many people do not know why it exists.  It’s seen as unnecessary or irrelevant.  Many youth ministries are being eliminated or consolidated into a family ministry.  Youth ministry is necessary because it provides:

7 Tips To Maintain The Balance Between Home and Work

My heart sinks when I hear my son say, “Daddy, I miss when you are away.”  Between retreats, conference, and now travel for the book it gets hard to maintain the balance between home and work.

I’m not alone, just go on Facebook and read all the comments.  It’s a struggle because you love what you do and you love your family.  It can feel hopeless, but to maintain the balance you need to:

Never Design Another Flyer

A Great Resource From Parish Designer

Today, I’m happy to introduce a great resource for youth ministers. ParishDesigner.com is a service for youth ministers and parishes looking to promote their events, programs and ministries.  Founded by Michael Marchand, he brings years of youth ministry and design experience.


His goal is to:

“Take care of the graphics, so that you can focus on the youth ministry.”

And that’s huge because youth ministry is difficult and we can’t spend time messing with graphics.  Instead you need to be focusing on relationships and systems to grow disciples.  What I love about ParishDesigner.com is how it:

4 Things Every Student Leader Needs To Know

Today we are at the Student Leadership Conference with Doug Fields.  It’s something we’ve done with our students a few times and it’s a great way of growing disciples and leaders in the local church.

As a youth minister you need to not only pour into teens but equip them for the long term.  That means investing in them through a variety of resources and opportunities.  It’s also helping them understand:

4 Steps To Set Up Your Ministers For Success

It started out as frustration and quickly turned into resentment.  My expectations as a leader were not being met.  People weren’t performing the tasks or doing them subpar.  After sharing this disappointment with a youth minister friend he was quick to point out that I was a part of the problem.

I had expectations, but I wasn’t doing anything to set my team up for success.  Instead I assumed that they would just pick up their roles and responsibilities naturally.  I learned to set them up for success you need to: