What’s Your Youth Ministry Worth?

3 Key Steps To Discovering Your Youth Ministry's Value

One of the most haunting questions I was asked early on in ministry was, “If your ministry ceased to exist would anyone outside your church notice?”  To tell you the truth I didn’t know if anyone inside the church would even notice.


Your ministry is worth something; however, if that worth is not known it’s ineffective.  As a leader you need to make sure you know why your youth ministry exists and what value it adds to the community.  To help me answer the question above I had to answer another question:


Mastering Youth Ministry Games

6 Action Steps to Maximize Your Game's Potential

Games are a huge part of youth ministry.  They’re fun, they break tension, form relationships and create memories.  They are a big part of ministry; however, they can be a big distraction if done incorrectly.

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That’s right there is an etiquette to games for your ministry.  If ignored it will not only effect the outcome of the activity, but impact how people see your ministry.  To master the art of the game you need to:

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