What’s Your Strategy For Getting Volunteers This Summer?

4 Simple And Effective Approaches To Building Your Teams

Summer brings different opportunities to your youth ministry. You can plan more trips and events. While people travel there is a little bit more flexibility. With that flexibility comes another opportunity: RECRUITING VOLUNTEERS

Outside of vacations, there aren’t a lot of commitments. Talking to people about getting involved doesn’t seem as stressful because people are little more laid back. To get people involved you nIf you don’t have one, no worries here are four approaches to effectively get people involved in your ministry:

Summer is also a time to get creative. So instead of throwing out another email. Try these four approaches that have worked for me:

How To Embrace Conflict At Work

4 Habits That Will Build The Trust You Need To Overcome Conflict

You ever see that sign? You know the one that maybe isn’t directed at you, but it implies that you don’t know the obvious like, “Keep things clean” or “Property of …”? While signs can be informative and helpful they can also be an indication that someone doesn’t like conflict.

If you are in ministry it means you have to work with people and if you work with people it means there will be conflict. While you don’t have to love conflict you should embrace it and:

Happy Memorial Day

3 Things To Remember This Day

Memorial Day isn’t just a day we remember those who died for our country. It’s a day where we can reflect on the wonderful blessings that sacrifice can bring.

On this Memorial Day, it’s important to embrace those few precious things we take for granted. These are the things that help us do our job and share the Gospel with the next generation and their families. This Memorial Day be thankful for:

How To Get Your Small Groups Started

3 Areas To Pour All Your Energy Into When Getting Started

Events, trips, and even outreach opportunities will attract teens to your ministry. But, they’ll stay and come back only if they form authentic and real relationships. That will happen if you have a healthy small group program.

Small groups are powerful but they can’t just be thrown together. They need a plan and a structure. To get your small groups started you need to:

Why Your Ministry Needs Interns

4 Benefits An Internship Brings To Your Church

We could always use more help. Volunteers are great but they have full-time lives. Then there is hiring more employees, but the budget doesn’t always allow for it. If you are in that in between another area to consider are INTERNSHIPS.

Investing in an internship at your church or ministry is worth checking out. It’s not only a way of expanding your capacity in the short term but an opportunity to set you up for success in the future because an internship is a: