When And How Far Should You Bend?

One challenge every leader faces is when to bend and when to stand firm.  You don’t want to seem unruly but then again protecting the integrity of what you do is important.

In youth ministry requests to make exceptions come in many different forms.  Requests come from parents, teenagers, your pastor and volunteers. Some are predictable and others are very personal.  In the end you need to discern:

What Should Impact Your Content

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of buying the next big curriculum package.  Promises of better content with incredible quality tell us, “Students will love this!”  While that’s true for some it’s not for all.

Packaging is only one factor when it comes to your content.  You need to know what impacts your content because it will impact the outcome.  Before you decide what content to purchase make sure you know:

4 Steps To Using Your Time Wisely

One of the keys to a growing ministry is how efficiently and effectively it’s run.  Granted things do not need to be perfect, but they should be done with a level of excellence.

So, how does one do youth ministry effectively when it can be quite messy?  How can you have organic growth and an efficient program?  It comes down to:

Why Children’s Ministry Matters

Without youth ministry the local church will suffer. But, if you do not have a healthy children’s ministry there is no way your youth ministry will survive.

As a youth minster your role in children’s ministry can be pretty significant. When you are a part of a church staff you are part of a team.  Children’s ministry matters to the team because:

How To React When Questioned By Others

Leading a youth ministry can get personal.  You pour your time, effort and energy into making it the best experience possible.  But then your questioned by skeptics and critics.  And the challenge becomes about how you respond.

The reason you are questioned as a leader is because you are creating change.  That makes people nervous and anxious.  And nervous and anxious people look for something to challenge.  What you need to do is put together a plan that diffuses the situation and that involves: