5 Steps To Learning Why Your Youth Ministry Exists

I have a five year old, which means he loves asking the question, “Why?”  While it can get a little annoying it’s a question we need to be asking ourselves more.  Unfortunately, it’s often asked too late when it comes to what we do professionally.

The vision you have for your youth ministry is the answer to the, “Why?” question.  Vision gives you direction and identify your purpose.  It will help your ministry grow deeper and become more effective.  To develop an effective vision you need to:

Where You Need To Be Learning

When I was fresh out of college I knew everything.  There was not one thing I did not know, at least that’s what I told myself.  As a leader I bought the lie, “I had to have all the answers, even if it meant making it up.”

A true leader is always going to be learning.  He or she is someone who wants to learn because they know they don’t have all the answers.  As a leader you need to be a sponge where you are taking in wisdom, and information to better yourself.  And to continuously better yourself you need to be:

How To Create Healthier Small Groups Discussions

I used to obsess about small group curriculum.  I was on the search for the content that would change lives and grow the church.  The problem is that I was only looking for a piece of the solution.  When it comes to small groups it’s not just what you teach, it’s also how you teach it.

If you want your small group leaders to be successful you need to look at them as leaders who build relationships.  When you turn the focus from content to relationships you:

Why First Impressions Matter

And How To Make Them Successful

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” It’s something I was told as a child, it’s something I’ve told my own kids but the reality is we do. When it comes to first impressions we all make them, whether justly or not.

When it comes to your youth ministry you might only get one shot with the majority of your students. That can be a tough reality to swallow and it’s one we cannot ignore. If you want teens coming back week after week you have to make sure you are:

Take The Time To Invest In Yourself

When I hit this time of year I feel like I’ve just crossed a finish line. It’s that natural feeling of the grind being over and this desire to check out. While I just want to take a break, I know it’s better to take the time to invest in myself.

As a leader you are constantly investing in teens, their families, leaders and the local church. You give, and give until you can’t give anymore. Before you empty yourself out, plot out a season where you can invest in yourself and: