What Parents Need From Your Ministry

It was our first parent teacher conference and I was a little nervous. I wondered, “What is this teacher going to say about my kid?” and “What does this mean about my parenting?” I needed to know I was doing a good job.

I’ve come to the realization that parenting is so stressful because we don’t want our teens to fail.  As a youth minister one of the best ways you support your teens is by supporting the parents as well.  To do that you need to know what parents need.  

Here are three areas where you can support parents:


When you affirm what they are doing right you build confidence.  Parenting is stressful and each time their teen messes up it can feel demoralizing. As a youth minister help them focus on what is going well.  You can do this by:

  • Bragging on their teen when you see them on the weekend.
  • Calling them up randomly to let them know what’s going well.
  • Thank them for something you see their teen doing that’s Christ-like.

When a parent hears or sees their kid succeeding it’ll let them know they aren’t failing.


Your volunteers benefit the teen and the parent. Other adults give a fresh perspective.  They are a resource for parents when teens won’t talk to them.  To make sure this relationship is set up for success be sure to:

  • Introduce parents to the volunteers in your ministry (especially small group leaders)
  • Give them a clear vision of what the relationship should look like.

When parents understand that they are not alone, they’ll not only trust you, but invest in you as well.


Part of your job as a youth minister is to make sure teens are set up for success at home.  That means asking the question, “How are their parents growing?”  To help them grow in their faith:

  • Share the resources you are using with their teens.
  • Talk to your pastor (Or Adult Faith Formation coordinator) about the discipleship for adults.
  • Invite them to get more involved in the parish.
  • Cast a vision for their own discipleship.

While parents are the primary influence in a child’s faith formation you need to make sure they are equipped correctly. Don’t assume they are doing it on their own. Engage in conversation.

When parents see that you care about them they’ll have your back.  They’ll not only trust you with their kids but advocate for the program.  Make sure you are investing in parents because the fruit is always worth it.

Question: What else do parents need?  What are you doing for parents in your ministry? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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