How To Plug Everyone Into Your Ministry

We’re all desperate for volunteers.  The more we can recruit the better we feel.  Unfortunately, getting someone to serve in your ministry feels like an impossible task.  

There always seems to be a million reasons why someone can’t or shouldn’t.  And some of those reasons are legit.  But, one of the largest reasons people do not get involved is because you aren’t going after them.  Instead of waiting for everyone to come to your door you need to:


There are plenty of people who are willing to jump into your ministry they just don’t know how.  Start out by:

  • Being present on the weekend.  It’s the prime time to meet everyone that attends your church.
  • Ask your pastor (And coworkers) to extend the invitation. They might have a bigger reach than you.
  • Make it very clear what the first step someone needs to take. Is it attending a meeting?  Do they have an orientation?

When people are confident about what they need to do to plug in, they’ll follow through.


People might not be attracted to your ministry because they believe you have to have “certain” talents to serve. You know youth ministry needs a variety of roles to function.

Create entry level positions, something everyone can do.  Make that the first step to take away intimidation.  But, don’t keep them there.  

Figure our the next step and what type of responsibilities are required.  People don’t just want a place to serve, they want a ministry where they can grow.


Many people are turned off by the idea of jumping in with two feet. Take away the edge by:  

  • Giving them a chance to try out the ministry without committing (My suggestion is to try it twice).
  • Then be sure to let them know the length of the commitment (Usually one year).  
  • Lastly, cast vision so they see why what they will do will matter.  

When the commitment is broken down then jumping in won’t seem so bad.


People want to be a part of something amazing.  That means casting a vision and having everyone on your team share it.  Preach to teenagers, their parents and the members of your parish.  Encourage your coworkers to share it as well.  When the vision gets out there people will want to jump on board.

Not everyone is designed for student ministry.  However, everyone should feel like they can give it a try.  What you need to do is consistently invite people into a clear opportunity to serve the next generation.  

Question: Why do you think it’s difficult to get people serving in youth ministry?  Is it mainly our fault or is it just a part of the job? You can leave a comment by clicking here.