Quick Thoughts To Efficient Ministry

My work computer is out of commission, which stinks, 5-7 days, which stinks more.  I backed everything up but drawing files from my external hard drive to my home laptop has proven to be a major obstacle.  It’s like getting a cramp or hitting the wall in the middle of a run.  When that happens I focus on the key aspects of my running (i.e. form and breathing).
Obviously this isn’t the first obstacle I’ve hit in ministry and not even the worst.  This stuff happens.  There are always going to be factors affecting our pace in ministry.  But, in order to regroup and continue through the cramps and walls we need to make ministry efficient by looking at our:

  • Schedule: Is it planned or do you just go with the flow? Make sure there is margin and order or else you’ll be sure to crash and burn.
  • Growing: How are you learning?  How are you trying to improve as a youth minister? Taking time (at least once a week) to learn something new is key to growing as a leader.
  • Work Load: Are you delegating?  Are you doing what follows the vision?  It can get easy to take on too many projects at once.  We have to learn to say, “No” to the right things so that we can focus on the best ones.

Some times we get lost in the season, it happens.  If you focus on efficient ministry getting through the busyness and obstacles to productivity won’t seem so overwhelming.

What do you do when ministry gets out of control?