Sexy Pastries

Satan is attacking the church…or at least me…I gave up sweets for Lent and every day by the coffee machine, piles of baked pastries, cookies…even whole cakes appear and they look soooo good. It’s funny to think that this would have such an affect on me considering that I’ve given up sweets before…but for some reason this is harder than anything else I’ve ever given up.
One year I gave up meat…not a problem, in fact discovered a world of wonderful vegetarian meals. One year I gave up television before 8pm…not a problem in fact found myself reading, spending more quality time with God and my wife. And one year I gave up NCAA brackets…which was tough but so doable compared to this.
But, I had to give up sweets because they were becoming a large problem. With a child on the way, with preparing for the Lenten season (huge around church), I was finding comfort in a blob of ice cream sitting on top of a creamed filled doughnut… 4 nights in a row. That’s bad, it’s insane. So this morning was tough when a childrens minister offered me a doughnut…not that there’s anything wrong with that, she didn’t know, but I felt this need to express my angst.
Anyway, today I offer up a prayer for all of us tempted by something in this world, because we all desire to be filled by something. And while that something should be God we often look for that something in a quart of ice cream, bottom of a bottle, online or at home. So all of you facing a temptation to fall, I’m praying for you.