Should You Have To Work Weekends?

Should you have to work weekends to run a healthy youth ministry? YES.  I didn’t always think that way because I didn’t want to think that way.  I wanted to sleep in on Sundays.  I wanted to watch football and hangout.  That’s the problem it was about me.

For your youth ministry to be successful.  For your parish to succeed it needs the youth minister there on the weekend.  More specifically you need to be there when Mass or services are occurring.  

If your family attends a separate parish you need to have the hard conversation about switching because believe it or not your presence matters.  Why?  Because it says so much and it affects your churches health.  By working on the weekends you are able to:


The best way to invite someone to serve in ministry is through a personal invitation.  While that invitation could be made over the phone or via email it won’t have the same impact as face to face.  The weekends allow you to interact with others and get to know them.  This way you aren’t just blindly asking.  Face to face interactions allow you to recruit the right people.


In between Mass or services mingle with people.  Welcome them to the church, thank them for coming and introduce yourself.  Not only could you find a potential volunteer but you’ll bring awareness to the ministry.  When people find out what you do they might ask, “Tell me more about the student ministry.”  Use the opportunity to advocate.


During the week families are scattered.  When they come to church on the weekends they are mostly together.  If you recognize a student with their family introduce yourself.  Tell them something about their teenager they don’t know.  Brag on the teen and tell the parents they are doing a great job.

By interacting with families you will build trust.  It will diffuse any tension that might occur when a parent is hurting or in need.  And it will eliminate the mystery of what their teen does in the youth ministry and who is leading it.


You shouldn’t have to prove to others that you worship on weekends, but you still need to.  You tell teens each week to come, now show them that it’s something you do too.  They are looking for you, in fact they are hoping to see you there.  Be a model to their faith formation by showing them that worshipping on the weekends is important to you.


Everyone on staff needs to be there on the weekends.  It shows unity, and gets the job done at a high level.  Too many people put it solely on the pastor.  The reality is, if the weekend experience stinks, no one is going to give your programs a chance.

Shift your schedule to be there.  Help with the worship, the liturgy or the coordination of the volunteers.  Alone your presence on the weekends releases the burden from your pastor so that he can do what he needs to do.  It might seem like a sacrifice but the benefits are worth it.

Your presence on the weekend matters.  It has a huge impact on the congregation and your ministry.  People will buy into you, your vision and mission.  In the end it will help your youth ministry 

Question:  Do you agree that church staff should work on the weekends during Mass or services?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.