Slow Snow

We are about 24 hours from a huge snow storm that seems to be changing a lot of plans for me., which at first was frustrating but now I’m learning to embrace it. It’ll give me a chance to slow things down that I’ve been rushing through, so that should be good. Probably the one thing that I need to slow down and analyze is the efficiency of our ministry.

  • Are new ministers coming in with a lot of momentum?
  • Are seasoned ministers burning out or cruising through?
  • Is there still momentum in the student programs?
  • Are our resources falling apart?
  • Are we just trying to get to the end or conquering another hill?

This Lenten season we are going into has always been a season that’s been emotionally exhausting on a personal level and this year will be no different, but I hate the idea of just trudging through it to get to June, I want to not only pound through it but come out stronger than before. In order to answer the questions I listed above I need to answer and address the questions below:

  • Where are my expectations?
  • Are people/programs meeting them?
  • Are my expectations too high or too low?

It’s this whole fine tuning, balancing things out so that we can keep building momentum strategy that needs to be put together. And how that happens I don’t know, all I know is that God needs to be a part of it and that I’m blessed because my ministry team has brought me to the position of figuring this out. So let it snow so that I can slow things down.