Snow 1 Church 0

The snow was too much…well the snow with the Super Bowl was too much. Having church opened was just not going to happen. I thought to myself, “Why would God do this?”…maybe He’s a football fan, after all this is the first time the Saints are in the Super Bowl…maybe we have to slow things down…but I found myself working on more stuff then I would in a usual weekend. So why did Baltimore get about 3 feet of snow? I don’t know but what it did give me the opportunity to do was meet my neighbors. Now, don’t get me wrong I know the people who live to the left and right but across the street, down the street and all around was a little bit of a mystery. So this morning, after shoveling what was left in my driveway, I went around and helped the neighbors. Learned some good stuff, struck up some awkward conversations (i.e. you like stuff?) and made some good connections. I don’t know about other places in the world, but when a storm hits Baltimore it seems like communities come together, hang out and enjoy what they can. So again, “Why did God send a 3 foot blizzard to Baltimore?” Not sure, but it did give me the opportunity to make connections and maybe bring a connection to others between them and Christ.