"Snow Day"

The sun is out, so there is hope and I’m hoping for no more snowpocalypses. It’s been enough and I’m happy to say with my street plowed and salted, I’ll be able to get to work to hold our “snow day” for students where we’ll take over the snow that surrounds the church, have some snow ball fights, build snowmen and play a little football…should be a good time. This snow has been a good challenge for programming, with our big “Lenten Series” beginning this weekend it was important for me to get some relevant message to the students. Plan A is what we are doing tonight which is to have some fun in the snow and then going inside for some hot chocolate, pizza, music, message, fun and games. I feel that most students just want to get out of the house and we want to give them that opportunity. Our Plan B would have been to video record my message, post it online and create an opportunity for students to watch and comment. We would have lost the community aspect of our program but it would have enabled them to get thinking about the series.
With the recent snow events that have been plaguing the Mid Atlantic it’s really brought about an awareness of how to be flexible and how to adapt to the changing surroundings. While I don’t mind the challenge, I’m hoping we just have to deal with anymore snow.