Space Dreaming

So the tail light issue that I had yesterday is more than a bulb so I had to take the car to my mechanic, located right by church. When that happens I don’t mind so much because one thing I miss about taking public transit is the walk to and from the light rail station. It always gave me an opportunity to day dream and think about what could be in student ministry at Nativity.
As a staff we’ve talked about making our vision more vivid and what I thought about this morning was vision for a possible student space. On the corner of Ridgely Road and York Road they are building a Walgreens and each day I pass it I think about how awesome it would have been if that lot had been given to us, where we could build a student space.
But, regardless of where the space is located I picture a place where students can hang out all week long, where they can connect after school, do a little homework, blow off some steam. I picture a building three stories high with outdoor patios and balconies with tables and chairs. On one side are basketball courts, the other side is surrounded by grass where students can toss around a frisbee and hangout in the sun. Inside we have a theater for worship, a gymnasium for indoor fun and a mini skate park. There are rooms filled with couches, sack chairs and love seats where small groups can meet. There are rooms filled with sound, video and art equipment where students can explore their gifts and talents. This place is a community center for students where they can refuel, refresh and most important connect in an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. That’s because this place is filled with adults who want to connect and reach out to students of all backgrounds.
I don’t know how it’ll happen (that’s up to God), but I enjoy dreaming about it, because it’ll be awesome when it comes true.

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  • Wow, I love that dream. I’m going to dream it and pray on it and one day ….