Stop Rest and Relax…seriously.

With snow on the way (or as we call it here at Nativity the “s” word) this weekend it looks as if things may slow down for Baltimore. Just in case you aren’t from here this city shuts down with a little bit of snow (like a dusting). Being from NJ it’s funny to witness school cancellations because of a small dusting, but that’s Baltimore for you. However, I’m not going to complain because when it snows life slows down…at least for me. It’s almost like God saying, “Okay everyone! Timeout! Take a breather! Refocus and rest!” And with Christmas in 8 days it’s almost the perfect opportunity to take this weekend as an opportunity to be with family, rent a movie, light a fire, drink some hot chocolate and enjoy one another. Yeah go play in the snow, shovel the driveway, but take some time just to be with one another.
I know teachers and students are a little disappointed if it snows on the weekends and not the weekdays, but a Saturday snow unlike a Monday – Friday snow gives everyone the chance to stop, rest, and relax. My encouragement to you is take this Saturday when it snows as a time to just stop, rest and relax…even if you have Christmas shopping to do (do it Friday)…just stop, rest and relax. Again take some time to stop, rest and relax…I’m serious stop, rest and relax.