Summer Ministry Vlog Week 16′

Incredible Insights From Incredible Workers In The Trenches Of Ministry

A few months ago fellow blogger and friend Tom Pounder (@ymsidekick) invited me and a few other ministry bloggers to be a part of Summer Ministry Vlog Week (#SMVW16).

Courtesy of Tom Pounder

Courtesy of Tom Pounder

It’s something I’m really excited to be a part of and you might be wondering, “What is it?”

This is what Tom shares on his site YMSidekick:

The 1st ever Summer Ministry Vlog Week (#SMVW16) will be an opportunity for our great ministry bloggers to get behind the camera and communicate their message in video. Some of them have already been doing it and doing it well in a variety of different context. But between August 8th – 12th, my fellow bloggers will use video to communicate their content to all of us.  Each of us will focus on a different topic (see below the topic for each Vlogger). And they will bring their unique insights to the camera to share it with everyone.

Awesome idea right?

To be a part of this incredible opportunity, check out the line up below and mark your calendars for an incredible week of vlogging.

Next Week’s Lineup:

Elle Campbell will talk about fostering creativity in student ministryElle is the founder of Stuff You Can Use. She is also the Director of Middle School Strategy at Orange Leaders. She is also the co-host of the Youth Ministry Answers podcast with her husband Kenny Campbell.

Ben Kerns, will share from his experience in student ministry.  He is a student ministry veteran who blogs regularly at Average Youth Ministry. He is also the author of:


Justin Knowles will talk about how to rebuild, capture and keep momentum in youth ministry.  I know Justin from blogging with him at Download YM.  His posts are thoughtful and filled with knowledge. He is the Student Pastor at Christ’s Church of the Valley.

Tom Pounder who started this whole experiment will post twice.  His topics are:

  • The Balance of Fitness and Health
  • How to Listen and Implement the Insight of Others

Tom, has over 17 years of experience in ministry and currently serves as the Student Pastor and Online Pastor at New Life Christian Church in Chantilly, Virginia.  He’s the voice behind ymsidekick  and hosts the podcast ymsidekick, which I’ve been invited to be a part of a few times.

Ryan Reed will talk about why parent partnerships matter. He is the Groups and Young Adults Pastor Christ Journey in Miami, FL

Jeremy Zach will be talking about why networking in student ministry is the key to success. Jeremy is a former Student Minister and current XP3 Strategist for Orange. You can read his blog here.

My post will go up right here on Wednesday August 10th and it will be about recruiting and building a team of volunteers.  I’ll share some of my insights, successes and failures in doing so, you don’t want to miss.

Beginning August 8th, you can find each of their vlogs for the week  at their sites.  And you can help us spread the word by using the hashtag: #SMVWEEK16