Summer Time And Burritos

Sat down yesterday with Nancy our Director of Student Small Groups to talk about the summer and this little thing we call “Church at Chipotle”. Church at Chipotle was something we did twice last summer where I invited students to join me at the local Chipotle for a burrito and a little bible study. Both times had a decent turnout and it was fun to do something off campus. But the purpose of this excursion isn’t to do something more, but to keep the students connected as we hit the summer months, to keep students connected to this church’s community. So that when September comes around and the usual programs get started it’s not an abrupt start but a smooth transition.
This is something I go back and forth on, whether or not to have worship for the students in the summer. Coming into this position I treated it like a school year, but I’m realizing if we are going to build life long relationships with these students we need to be there for them more than just 32 weeks out of the year. That doesn’t mean we won’t take breaks, we’ll just have to be more strategic about breaks. It doesn’t mean we do the same thing week in a week out, it just means we adjust with the season. So what is Church at Chipotle? It’ll be a little bit of a bible study, but other than that I’m not 100% sure…all I can tell you is that it’ll be a great opportunity for us to be constantly connected to the students. Also I’m not tied down to Chipotle…the name just sticks, so if you can link a fast food joint to a church word let me know….maybe I’ll make it a contest…who knows.