What You Should Be Doing With Your First Few Months In Youth Ministry

What am I supposed to be doing?” That was the question that ringed in my head the first day I started in youth ministry. It’s a question many of us have and how you answer it matters.

Your first 6 months in ministry matter. They will not only impact your first year in ministry but the foundation you need to create. Instead of sitting at your desk, wondering what to do first:

Stop Limiting Your Capacity To Do More

Why You Need To Build Your Network

Labor Day is when we remember the hard work that’s gone into building this country. But, it’s also an important reminder to a priceless principle in ministry.


Labor Day is a reminder that we can’t do what we do on our own. If I were to be honest my hardest moments in ministry came when I tried to

How To Become The Leader Your Ministry Deserves

4 Steps To Grow Your Confidence

I can honestly look at my career and say “I’ve been successful.” At the same time I can look at my leadership and say, “I could have done better.”

Are you giving your ministry everything it deserves? Chances are you’ve made poor decisions or held back when you should have been all in. It’s the challenge of being a leader; however, if you want to be one that your ministry deserves then you need to:

Do You Have What It Takes To Lead?

5 Attributes Every Leader Needs To Develop

Have you ever doubted your ability to lead? Maybe it happened when something didn’t go according to plan, or maybe it felt like no one was listening. Doubt will creep in, but it shouldn’t linger.

How a leader becomes confident in his or her ability doesn’t happen overnight. Confidence is a choice that comes from developing a:

How To Survive The Trenches Of Ministry

4 Steps To Help You Heal And Refuel

If you feel drained, it’s normal.  Working for the church is draining but it can also be fulfilling.  You just need to know how to heal anytime you have been scarred.

While the temptation might be to grab a bag of chips, watch a Sylvester Stallone movie and then eat a bowl of ice cream (Okay, maybe that’s just me), there are better ways to recover from the pain and endure the journey by: