Who’s Helping You Become A Better Leader?

Regardless of what happens I’m wiped after a night of youth ministry.  Maybe I’m physically tired from the high energy or emotionally drained from a student’s testimony.  Regardless, I’m drained and need to be refueled.

As a youth minister you need to know how to refuel and reenergize yourself constantly.  While there are some better practices you can inherit one of the best ways to invest in yourself is by finding people to pour into you because:

5 Guardrails All Youth Ministers Need

There are times when I wake up on a Friday and wonder, “Did we have high school ministry last night or did I go clubbing?”  Youth ministry can be exhausting and as I get older I realize it can be a drain.

As a youth minister you’ll be emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally  pushed.  And, if you aren’t guarding yourself it’ll burn you out.  To properly guard against the grind you need to make sure you:

What Too Comfortable Looks Like

I like being comfortable.  It means no conflict or stress.  It’s a feeling of, “I’ve finally made it.”  The problem is when the comfort stays around too long.

If you stay too comfortable you begin to loose effectiveness.  Instead of growing disciples you start growing consumers.  To avoid growing consumers and losing impact you need to make sure you know what it’s like to be too comfortable.  Some of the signs are you are too comfortable is when:

Take The Time To Invest In Yourself

When I hit this time of year I feel like I’ve just crossed a finish line. It’s that natural feeling of the grind being over and this desire to check out. While I just want to take a break, I know it’s better to take the time to invest in myself.

As a leader you are constantly investing in teens, their families, leaders and the local church. You give, and give until you can’t give anymore. Before you empty yourself out, plot out a season where you can invest in yourself and:

Dealing With Discouragement

And How To Keep On Moving

On the latest Rebuilt podcast, Tom Corcoran and I respond to an email from a listener regarding a frustrating situation.  This person wants to grow, but the rest of the team isn’t ready.  Or at least that’s how it’s perceived.

There will be moments in your ministry when it feels like no one is on board.  You will find times when the results do not meet your expectations.  The worst is that these moments will pile up on one another.  To move forward you need to: