What To Do When Ministry Knocks You Down

4 Steps To Avoid Feeling Like A Punching Bag

You ever feel like a punching bag?  Maybe it’s after a parent has just torn you apart, the pastor isn’t happy with your progress or a teen literally punched you.  You want to fight back, but you just don’t know how.

The balance between humility and humiliation can sometimes be blurry.  You want to embrace the struggle that comes with church ministry, but the emotional, mental and sometimes physical pain can be too much.

How To Face Conflict And Win Every Time

Not many people like conflict; however, it’s inevitable.  It might be the angry parent barraging you for not communicating or the pastor chewing you out for losing $3200 on a fundraiser.

Conflict is a part of life because life is filled with changes, mistakes and growth opportunities.  You can try to hide from conflict, but not for long.  It will find you and beat you unless you:

How To Get The Most Out Of This Year

4 Steps To Help You Maximize Your Ministry In The New Year

I ate a lot of cookies this Christmas.  I’m not joking, I ate A LOT of cookies and on New Year’s Eve I said, “Enough.”  But then on January 1st I had some more cookies.  Starting off the year can be tough.

As a youth minister you might be looking at the New Year as a second start to what began last fall.  While you are probably ready to set goals, if you want to get the most out of this year then you will need to make sure you:

How You Could Sabotage Your Ministry

4 Tips To Battling the Emotions That Come With Replacing Yourself

What would happen to your ministry if you were to walk away?  Would it continue to grow or fall apart?  It’s a question we think about from time to time and it’s one that we need to address constantly.

On Episode 69 of the Rebuilt Podcast my cohost Tom Corcoran and I discussed the importance of replacing yourself through the lens of the book 7 Practices of Effective Ministry.  Basically you and I need to replace ourselves as leaders or else we’ll see:

Are You Leading Out Of Insecurity?

How to identify and address it.

I was worried.  I was worried that I was losing control of my team and instead of addressing those feelings I took out my insecurities on them.  It was probably the first time I ever freaked them out.

No one wants to follow an insecure leader.  People want a leader they can rely on and someone who is going to lead them through uncertainty.  However, insecurity will attack you in your leadership.  To combat it you need to identify where it comes from like: