Eliminating Fears In Your Ministry

I’ve always had a fear of heights.  To be more specific I can handle flying, but when it comes to a 40 foot ladder, forget about it.  I start sweating, my legs are shaking and I do not want to move.  I remember when I used to paint houses it took me hours to do what most painters could accomplish in a few minutes.  It drove my boss crazy.  

Courtesy of a loves dc/Creative Commons License

Courtesy of a loves dc/Creative Commons License

Our fears can control us in many different ways.  They can slow us down, and sabotage the way we lead others.  In youth ministry you can not afford to be afraid to make big moves, to lean in and get a little messy.  It’s a spiritual battle and there will be risks you need to take especially when you need to:

How To Bail With Style

As we turned onto the main street I was waiting for my wife to say, “Let’s bail on this, it’s not worth it.”  The snow was falling faster and the windshield wipers were becoming more ineffective by the minute.  I was stuck in the tension of deciding whether to be adventurous or a good father and husband.  Like each swish of the wiper blades my mind and heart went back and forth.  In the end common sense (Yay!) prevailed and we turned back home.

Not every decision is common sense.  There are risks and difficult decisions to made.  This is especially true when it comes to choosing whether or not to bail on a program or an event.  To eliminate something in your ministry isn’t as simple as saying, “No more.”  In fact there is a lot to take into consideration when eliminating or bailing on a project.  If you do not bail at the right time or manner you could hurt others, damage the ministry’s reputation and even lead others away from Christ.  To bail with style make sure you:

How To Be Bold

There I was on top of a telephone pole, sweating profusely  trying to ignore the chants of “Jump, jump, jump.” from my classmates.  Our high school had just installed a ropes course and each student had to compete it.  As someone with a fear of heights I had to make a bold move.  I needed to jump from the top of this telephone pole to a hanging trapeze bar, while trusting the smallest guy in the class to hold me if I should miss.  I took a deep breathe, bent my knees and slid off the pole.  No jump and no near miss, I just fell.  Much to my surprise my classmate held on.

You are going to be faced with times where you need to take that jump and make a bold move.  Not many people realize that when they go into youth ministry that they will face obstacles, push back, conflict and necessary decisions in order to move forward.  To make those bold moves and many more you need to: