How To Be Taken Seriously As A Youth Minister

5 Areas To Address That Will Help People Change Their Mind

Youth ministry is an incredible job, but it’s also very demanding.  And, that’s why it can be frustrating when coworkers, parents, and even the teens don’t take you seriously.


Youth ministry is a profession and it should be taken seriously.  Unfortunately, it’s often viewed as babysitting for teenagers.  If you are tired of being patronized or just looking to advocate youth ministry as a serious position then:

Master Social Media In Your Ministry

4 Tips To Help You Engage And Not Feel Overwhelmed

Social media isn’t going anywhere and it’s constantly changing.  Even for those of us who love social media using it in a ministry context can be overwhelming.   We often struggle with the question: “How should we use it?”


The answer to that question depends on who you are trying to reach, what you are trying to accomplish and what platforms you decide to use.  No matter how you use it it’s important to be intentional about it and:

How To Get Uninterested Adults Serving The Next Generation

5 Action Steps To Help You Become A Power Recruiter

When I ask youth ministers what’s one of the biggest challenges they face most of them say, “RECRUITING ADULTS TO SERVE.” Some of them sound so disheartened and ask me, “How do you get people who are uninterested involved?”


Recruiting volunteers takes work, but it’s not impossible work.  In fact the process of recruiting can actually be fruitful.  Not only will you build up your team, but learn a lot about your ministry.  To get uninterested adults involved in your ministry you need to:

Are You Ignoring The Best Advice?

3 Truths That Will Make You A More Receptive Leader

Do you mind if I give you some feedback? I hated that question for the longest time.  It’s not that I didn’t want things in my ministry to change, I just didn’t want someone to point out my flaws.pablo-44

Receiving feedback is hard.  It can feel patronizing, critical and make you feel vulnerable.  Anytime anyone offered any little bit of wisdom I would shut it down, and get defensive.  What followed?

How To Help Your Team Serve Confidently

Where To Give Them Clarity To Boost Their Confidence

One of the biggest reasons a volunteer will stop serving is due to a lack of direction.  If they don’t know what to do, when to do it or how they’ll lose site of their purpose.


As the leader it’s your responsibility to make sure your team is set-up for success.  While trainings and resources are important communication is what matters most.  Especially when it comes to these four areas: