Are Your Emails Being Ignored?

5 Alternatives To Getting The Word Out To Others

It can be frustrating when someone tells you, “I didn’t get the email.” even though you know very well that they received it.  But, is it really their fault or are they just inundated by all the noise out there?


Communicating anything to your audience is a challenge because their inboxes are constantly full.  To get through you need a little creativity.  Instead of relying on the mass email approach consider:

Master How You Communicate To Teenagers

7 Tips That Will Make You A Better Speaker

Every youth minister wants to engage the next generation.  One of the best ways to do that is through the way you communicate.  However, mastering the art of communicating is not easy.


While some people are natural communicators, everyone has to work at it.  And even if you aren’t the most gifted here are 7 tips that will make you a better speaker:

What You Should Expect From Your Team

6 Steps To Help Them Live Up To Your Expectations

Have you ever had a volunteer show up late or unprepared?  Maybe you’ve had that time when someone you relied heavily on dropped the ball and it made you wonder, “Does anyone care about this ministry as much as I do?”

You want the best from your team and you might consider lowering expectations; however, that would be a mistake.  When people don’t meet your expectations you need to consider:

Do You Need To Brand Your Ministry?

3 Truths That Will Help You Effectively Market Your Ministry

Branding works.  When you see golden arches you think about McDonalds.  You see a swoosh and it’s Nike.  But, when someone thinks about your ministry what comes to mind?

Does your ministry need a logo?  Does it need a slogan or catch phrase?  Should you be working with the student band to compose a jingle?  Maybe.

4 Fool Proof Tips To Improving Your Speaking

Why your ministry can't afford a poor communicator

A great speaker can change minds and hearts.  He can capture the attention of many to create change.  Unfortunately, mastering the art of speaking isn’t a priority when it comes to ministry.  It’s often an afterthought and it shows.

Maybe you’ve told yourself, “I’m confident and I can wing this.”  And while you might be a talented speaker you need to make it a priority.  No matter your level of speaking you need to make sure you improve it by: