How To Deal With Conflict Before It Happens

When you have a problem with a coworker how do you handle it? Do you ignore it, or fight back? While you can’t avoid it, how you deal with it before it happens matters.

You can’t always predict conflict but there are behaviors and circumstances that cultivate it. To prevent big blow ups and ugly tension forming it’s important to: 

How To Deal With Difficult Volunteers

5 Steps To Help You Navigate Through The Situation

We’ve all hit those moments of desperation where we’ll take anyone willing to give their time to serve in the ministry. Sadly this approach rarely works. In the end, instead of having a highly functioning team, we have problems that could have been avoided.

The long-term solution is to create a recruiting structure that prevents difficult volunteers from entering into your ministry. But, the reality is that most of us aren’t there yet and we need to deal with the troublemakers now.

How To Embrace Conflict At Work

4 Habits That Will Build The Trust You Need To Overcome Conflict

You ever see that sign? You know the one that maybe isn’t directed at you, but it implies that you don’t know the obvious like, “Keep things clean” or “Property of …”? While signs can be informative and helpful they can also be an indication that someone doesn’t like conflict.

If you are in ministry it means you have to work with people and if you work with people it means there will be conflict. While you don’t have to love conflict you should embrace it and:

What’s Holding Your Ministry Back?

4 Obstacles That Leaders Should Avoid Bringing To Their Ministry

It’s tough being the leader. You need big vision and the ability to take people in the direction God’s calling you to travel. It’s not always simple, and that can be due to our own mistakes.

There will be difficult seasons in your ministry, but a good leader will prevail. They’ll know which moves to make, who to rely on and how to approach the situation. Leadership is hard but it really only becomes complicated when we:

How To Create Positive Change In Your Ministry

3 Steps To Overcome The Obstacles That Come With Change

It’s usually around this time of year when we’re motivated to make changes.  On top of the personal resolutions I’m willing to bet you’ve got a few ideas for your ministry as well.


They’re probably great changes, the ones that can take your ministry to the next level.  But, there is a problem that usually prevents us from reaching that level.  The problem is that: