Are Your Teens Equipped To Lead Their Peers?

A Guest Post from Lyle Griner of Peer Ministry Leadership

I asked a group of youth. “How are you being leaders with your friends?”

Silence. I kept pushing the question. Finally, one girl said, “I don’t think this counts, but I went out with a friend last Friday night. I had not seen her for a while. Her parents are getting a divorce. I thought it would be good to just hang out with her.”  

Are You A Grateful Leader?

4 Reasons You Should Show It More Often

I recently watch a Ted Talk entitle The Happy Secret To Better Work by Shawn Achor. It made me think about my own attitude and whether or not I was approaching each day and those I serve with enough gratitude.

Ministry is a grind and there are seasons when we need to lament and mourn. However, if that’s where you stay then you won’t find yourself in ministry for long. If you can lead with gratitude you’ll not only see your mood change, but you’ll see that you are:

Do You Have What It Takes To Lead?

5 Attributes Every Leader Needs To Develop

Have you ever doubted your ability to lead? Maybe it happened when something didn’t go according to plan, or maybe it felt like no one was listening. Doubt will creep in, but it shouldn’t linger.

How a leader becomes confident in his or her ability doesn’t happen overnight. Confidence is a choice that comes from developing a:

What Every Parent Should Expect From Your Ministry

I’ll never forget the first time I was chewed out by a parent.  I wanted to shut down and completely isolate myself from them.  I remember thinking, “If parents didn’t have to be involved ministry would be so much easier.”

Parents can be one of the greatest challenges to your ministry; however, they can also be one of your greatest assets.  If you want to be successful in youth ministry then you need to remember that parents matter because they:

What A Healthy Youth Ministry Looks Like

3 Areas Churches Should Focus Their Attention

A healthy parish is going to have a healthy youth ministry program.  Without the next generation, a church loses its appeal for families.  It lacks in enthusiasm and seldom changes.  A church without a healthy youth ministry is essentially dying.

If you want to help your church grow you need to make sure your youth ministry program is more than over glorified babysitting for teenagers.  A healthy youth ministry has: