How To Incorporate Youth Into The Life Of Your Parish

Why An Apprenticeship Model Is The Best Way To Go

From time to time youth ministers send me their job descriptions and one thing that sticks out to me every time is their responsibility to Incorporate youth more into the life of the parish.

It’s a phrase we’ve all heard.  It’s something we get the gist of, it’s just not always clear what that should look like.  If you want teenagers more active on the weekend then you need to develop an:

How To Step Up Your Volunteer’s Game

4 Ideas To Increase Your Investment

How would you rate the effectiveness of your volunteers? Are they helping you run a program or are they helping you create a movement?  It’s your responsibility to make them the latter.

You don’t need volunteers to manage a program, you need them to take your ministry to a new level.  While meetings and planning can help your team work together if you want them to work better:

6 Odd Habits Every Successful Leader Should Embrace

Would you consider yourself a great leader?  You might think you are a good leader, but great, that’s a different question, right?

Great leaders are brave and willing to take risks.  They are intelligent and constantly learning.  They are a different breed, but then again leaders do have some odd behaviors like:

Can Your Leadership Endure The Pressure?

6 Exercises To Help You Overcome Challenges And Hardships

Everyone wants to be the leader until they actually have to lead.  When you are in charge it means making tough decisions and overcoming obstacles.  You aren’t always liked and that can be exhausting.

Whether you chose to be a leader or the responsibility fell in your lap you need to know how to endure.  To overcome the challenges, hardships, obstacles and heartbreak that come with leading you will need to:

New Year New Beginnings

What You Can Expect In 2017 From MYM Inc.

As some of you know back in November 2016, I left my position as Director of Student Ministry at Church of the Nativity.  It was a difficult decision but one I knew I had to make.

To step away was a big decision (and a little scary).  Nativity had given me so many different opportunities and I am grateful for the investment they had made in me, but now it was time to do something different.