Basic Steps To Tackling Your Budget

You will never catch a youth minister thinking, “I can’t wait to tackle the budget!” In fact budgeting can be a youth minister’s worst nightmare.  But, it’s essential and impossible to ignore.

To tackle your budget means to master it.  To master your budget takes discipline and it also takes knowledge.  If you want to own your budget instead of it owning you:

Excellence Versus Perfection

I was frustrated.  It didn’t matter how much time I spent preparing for the weekend there was always something going wrong.  I would wonder, “When are people going to get it?”

The problem was that I was searching for perfection.  All I found was frustration.  I would wonder, “If perfection is impossible then I shouldn’t worry so much about quality, right?”:

5 Myths That Hold Us Back From Asking People To Serve

We all hope that day will come when a line of people randomly show up to serve in your ministry.  But, that never happens.  You need to go find the right people.  But, asking someone to serve is intimidating.

It’s complicated because we’ve bought into the lies of who should serve and how to get them.  Those lies hold us back from extending an invitation.  To move past the myths that hold us back you need to debunk them.

5 myths that have held me back from asking people to serve were:

How To Battle Self-Doubt In Your Ministry

It could be the greatest night of ministry ever, but you don’t feel that way.  You can’t explain why you didn’t enjoy it like your volunteers or teens did.  All you hear is a voice telling you, “It wasn’t good enough.”

One of the biggest battles a youth minister will face is self-doubt.  It hits us all, even in times of great success. While we cannot always control it’s source there are some actions we can take to move through it.  If you are battling self-doubt or questioning your ability to lead look at:

The Power of Mentoring

Yesterday, I announced an awesome competition through Ave Maria Press.  It’s a chance to go deeper into my new book Rebuilding Youth Ministry.  Three winners will be chosen and each one will have the opportunity to sit down with me one on one via Skype for 3 one hour coaching sessions. (To learn more click HERE)

One of the reasons I love this promotion is because it allows me to do something I love, pouring into other youth workers.  I’m excited to pay forward what I’ve received from so many experienced youth ministers.

Whether or not you participate in the promotion coaching is something every youth minster needs because it: