How To Become The Leader Your Ministry Deserves

4 Steps To Grow Your Confidence

I can honestly look at my career and say “I’ve been successful.” At the same time I can look at my leadership and say, “I could have done better.”

Are you giving your ministry everything it deserves? Chances are you’ve made poor decisions or held back when you should have been all in. It’s the challenge of being a leader; however, if you want to be one that your ministry deserves then you need to:

How To Avoid Burning Out

3 Areas To Address So You Can Keep Going Strong

Youth ministry is a nonstop machine that continuously demands a lot. Parents want you to help them reach their kids, teens need someone to hear them and then there are all those duties assigned by the pastor.

It’s a lot of work, but it can be a lot of fun. The problem is when the fun runs out. Instead of being a joyful leader you find yourself longing for the grind to stop. The temptation is to blame others when the reality is that your:

What To Do When You Need Volunteers Quickly

Are you a month out from the beginning of fall programming? Maybe its only a week? Either way that last stretch of summer before the big kickoff can feel overwhelming especially when you are short on your most valuable resource…VOLUNTEERS!

Don’t worry you aren’t alone. After 13 years of youth ministry I still panic when it comes to this time of year. Even if I have ENOUGH it never feels that way. Instead of drowning in helplessness you need to become proactive. Whether you need 30 or just 1 more volunteer your first step should be to:

Why Your Ministry Needs An Apprenticeship Model To Survive

5 Steps To Building The Leadership Structure Your Ministry Needs To Thrive

One of my biggest fears as a youth minister was knowing who was going to keep the ministry going after I was gone. That fear became a reality when I left my job last year.

Anytime you leave there is going to be a void. People will miss your personality and leadership style; however, it shouldn’t create a situation where everything around you collapses. To bridge the gap and avoid disaster your ministry needs to: