Why You Need A Youth Ministry Coach

3 Areas Where Every Youth Minister Needs Guidance

I had no clue what I was doing when I first started in ministry.  To tell you the truth there are still times when I struggle to figure it out.  Having someone there more experienced and looking in from the outside has helped me greatly.


Youth ministry offers a variety of twists and turns.  To navigate the journey alone is never wise.  Surrounding yourself with the right people is key to growing stronger and more efficient.  While your volunteers and coworkers can help you do that, sometimes you:

What Keeps You Up At Night?

4 Fears Youth Ministers Need To Overcome

I scare easily.  If I hear something go bump in the middle of the night I want my wife to get up and figure out what it is.  But, I know (even though it’s probably nothing) that I need to check it out.


There are things that keep youth ministers up at night.  You wish for them to go away and resolve themselves, but we know that’s not always possible.  While there are hundreds of different fears, 4 that youth ministers cannot ignore are:

How To Become A Highly Effective Youth Minister

5 Priceless Habits Every Youth Minister Needs To Embrace

Ever wonder what makes a youth ministry successful?  Sure, it has great resources, well thought out programs and a community that will invest in it, but it all starts with a Highly Effective Youth Minister.


A highly effective youth minister is a leader worth following.  They are someone who not only knows how to reach the next generation but mobilize adults to make the ministry a movement.  To be a highly effective youth minister you need to:

How To Take Criticism

5 Steps To Stay Positive When It Seems Difficult

Maybe it’s been a parent chewing you out or a volunteer giving you critiques you didn’t want to hear, we’ve all faced criticism that leaves us feeling empty.


While you might want to fight back the best thing you can do is stay positive.  Stay positive and develop a plan that will help you diffuse the situation.  5 Steps that have helped me stay positive are:

Does Leading Youth Ministry Get Easier Over Time?

How to Respond When That Question Enters Your Mind

Maybe you ask this question after a rough encounter with a parent.  Maybe you wonder this thought after an evening where nothing went according to plan.  It’s a question I’ve heard asked countless amounts of times.


Does youth ministry get easier over time?

It does and it doesn’t.  In some areas it should and then in other areas it shouldn’t.  The first step to approaching that question is to: