6 Characteristics Of A Strong Small Group Leader

Small groups are essential to a growing youth ministry.  It’s where teens can connect with their peers and receive wisdom from God-loving adults.  And while content is important to a group, it’s your leaders that take them to a new level.

To reach that level groups need to be healthy.  And, every healthy small group is lead by a strong leader.  These leaders are more than just warm bodies that show up to your ministry.  A healthy and strong small group leader is someone who: 

Who’s Helping You Become A Better Leader?

Regardless of what happens I’m wiped after a night of youth ministry.  Maybe I’m physically tired from the high energy or emotionally drained from a student’s testimony.  Regardless, I’m drained and need to be refueled.

As a youth minister you need to know how to refuel and reenergize yourself constantly.  While there are some better practices you can inherit one of the best ways to invest in yourself is by finding people to pour into you because:

3 Steps To Raise The Bar On Student Leaders

Your youth ministry is designed to commission next generation disciples.  That means teaching them how to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and to grow as leaders in the church.  But that’s not always easy.

There are times when teens disappoint us or choose another activity over the ministry.  It can be frustrating to raise leaders, but the problem might be due to the fact that we haven’t raised the bar.  To raise the bar and encourage teens to step up their game you need to make sure:

5 Guardrails All Youth Ministers Need

There are times when I wake up on a Friday and wonder, “Did we have high school ministry last night or did I go clubbing?”  Youth ministry can be exhausting and as I get older I realize it can be a drain.

As a youth minister you’ll be emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally  pushed.  And, if you aren’t guarding yourself it’ll burn you out.  To properly guard against the grind you need to make sure you:

How Involved Should Your Pastor Be?

There is the pastor that never shows up or even asks about your ministry.  Then there is the one who is more involved than he should be.  Both can drive a youth minister nuts.

The question isn’t which one would you prefer, but how can you plug in your pastor without having him take over?  While some might prefer one over the other you need to have your pastor involved to a certain degree because your ministry is an extension of his own.

To plug him in and maintain boundaries it’s important to: