Big Matter 15 Conference Giveaway

The Matter 15 Conference is only a few months away.  I’m excited because it’s a time where I can connect with people who serve and love the church.  I’m also excited because each year I get to do a BIG GIVEAWAY!

Matter-2015-orange-transparent copy

Why do a giveaway?  Because one thing we love doing at Church of the Nativity is loving people who serve and work in parish ministry.  This is one of the ways we want to invest in you so that you can invest in disciples of Jesus Christ.  This giveaway is different than past years because the lucky winner will receive:

How To Find Committed Small Group Leaders

Life change happens in small groups.  But, small groups only work if you can find the right people.  People who will commit for the long haul.  It can almost feel impossible.

Youth ministers want to know the trick to finding committed small group leaders.  The reality is that there is no trick. It’s really just a few practical steps.  To find the right leaders you need to take initiative by:

5 Qualities of a Student Leader

And how to nurture them continuously

An area of youth ministry that I struggle with is forming student leaders.  The reason is because every attempt I had I found myself forming an exclusive clique inside an inclusive ministry.

The problem I did not know how to identify a student leader.  More times not we look for the popular, high energy and friendly teen.  While those are positive qualities what you really want is a student who:

Get The Most Out Of Your Volunteers

6 Action Steps Every Leader Should Take

Volunteers are key to the growth and health of your ministry.  It’s a challenge to recruit them and it’s another to get the most out of them.

Providing trainings and workshops are important, but if you want your volunteers to give more you need to dig deeper.  To maximize their potential it goes beyond just giving them a role and extends to:

4 Steps To Set Up Your Ministers For Success

It started out as frustration and quickly turned into resentment.  My expectations as a leader were not being met.  People weren’t performing the tasks or doing them subpar.  After sharing this disappointment with a youth minister friend he was quick to point out that I was a part of the problem.

I had expectations, but I wasn’t doing anything to set my team up for success.  Instead I assumed that they would just pick up their roles and responsibilities naturally.  I learned to set them up for success you need to: