5 Excuses Youth Ministers Need To Avoid Making

And 5 Steps To Avoid Making Them

There are going to be moments when you don’t see the results you hope for.  When expectations aren’t met you want to find a reason.  While it might be tempting it’s important to avoid making excuses.

While excuses can be justified they often don’t lead to solutions.  And while there are several excuses we can make their are 5 youth ministers should especially avoid:

3 Keys To Jumpstart Your Leadership Potential

Ministries become stale for a variety of reasons; however, they all link back to the same source: LEADERSHIP.

If you aren’t looking at ways of increasing and improving your leadership you could lose your ministry.  You will hit routines that will lead to a lack of relevancy or an increase in burnout.  To stay fresh as a leader you need to: 

Summer Ministry Vlog Week 16′

Incredible Insights From Incredible Workers In The Trenches Of Ministry

A few months ago fellow blogger and friend Tom Pounder (@ymsidekick) invited me and a few other ministry bloggers to be a part of Summer Ministry Vlog Week (#SMVW16).

Courtesy of Tom Pounder

Courtesy of Tom Pounder

It’s something I’m really excited to be a part of and you might be wondering, “What is it?”

5 Opportunities To Build Up Leaders And Expand Your Capacity

A growing ministry will always demand more of your time, energy and attention.  If you try to do it all on your own you will fail.  You need other leaders to serve alongside of you. So, where do you find them?

There isn’t a secret lair where leaders hide.  There isn’t a magic formula that you can concoct at home.  The way you build leaders to expand your capacity is by learning how to:

What I Learned On My Trip To Haiti

5 Pillars That Will Make Any Missions Trip Successful

This past Friday I returned from Haiti with a group of adults and students.  It was our church’s first intergenerational international missions trip.  It was also the largest group we had ever taken.  But, despite all these firsts it was a huge success.


One of the reasons the trip was so successful is because of the hard work put in by Brian Crook and our Missions Department at Nativity.  As one of the participants (And point person for the youth) it was clear that the success was due to the leadership understanding that: