What To Do When Ministry Knocks You Down

4 Steps To Avoid Feeling Like A Punching Bag

You ever feel like a punching bag?  Maybe it’s after a parent has just torn you apart, the pastor isn’t happy with your progress or a teen literally punched you.  You want to fight back, but you just don’t know how.

The balance between humility and humiliation can sometimes be blurry.  You want to embrace the struggle that comes with church ministry, but the emotional, mental and sometimes physical pain can be too much.

Are You A Pure Youth Minister?

How to take advantage of the many hats youth ministers have to wear

It’s right there on your job description, even if you don’t see it.  It’s a line that says, “All other duties assigned by the pastor.”  It can be frustrating when all you want to do is youth ministry, but then again it could be a great opportunity.

Most churches are understaffed.  And because there is a shortage of staff there is a need to take on different roles and responsibilities.  Even though your title is “Youth Minister” you might find yourself:

4 Attitudes That Will Derail Your Ministry

Vision and strategy are key to important to your ministry.  But, even if your vision is clear and your strategy is solid it can still be derailed by one thing: YOUR ATTITUDE.

Youth ministry is a grind and sometimes that shows.  It’s okay to be human; however, when a bad day becomes a pattern it can become a reason people stop investing in your ministry.  To make sure your attitude doesn’t become a problem you need to guard your heart from:

How To Survive The Craziness Of Christmas

Christmas started the day Halloween was over (Maybe even earlier), but now that Thanksgiving has gone and passed the pressure to get everything done before the big day can be exhausting.

Maybe your ministry is planning a big party, a winter retreat in the New Year or your regular program is just competing with everything else.  No matter where you are it’s easy to get caught up in the sprint this time of year brings.  To not only survive but thrive this season remember:

How To Set Your Schedule

5 Practical Steps to Avoid Doing Ministry Minute to Minute

One of the hardest things for me to learn in youth ministry was how to set a schedule.  Busy seasons would turn into the norm and instead of feeling excited about what I do I grew tired and resentful.

I know I’m not alone, it’s something I hear from youth ministers I talk to regularly.  Setting a schedule is difficult and if you don’t set one yourself someone is going to set it for you.  If you are feeling like your schedule is a little crazy (Or doesn’t exist) make sure you start: