4 Tricks We Play On Ourselves As Leaders

As a kid I remember the excitement of going door to door on Halloween yelling, “Trick or Treat“.  Each time I got candy.  I never had to trick someone.  And, honestly I didn’t want to.  I didn’t have time for tricks.  

As a youth minister I still don’t have time for tricks.  But, I often find myself believing the lies and pressures that come with youth ministry.  In fact all youth ministers face the same pressures.  While each of them are unique if you fall for them it’ll put your ministry in danger.

Four tricks that take away the sweetness of youth ministry are:

How To Deal With Lonely Leadership

If you are a leader you will feel lonely.  That’s because the decisions, responsibilities and the burden fall on you first.  The question you need to answer is, “How am I going to deal with the loneliness?”

No one tells you when you get into ministry that there will be periods where it feels like:

4 Steps To Tackle Pressure

It’s crunch time for our student ministry.  Time is shrinking and the pressure is mounting.  People are getting frantic and questions are filled with emotion.  Getting ready for the beginning of the year is exhausting.  

When pressure mounts it’s easy to lose our heads.  What was once clear is no longer.  How a youth minister handles pressure impacts their leadership.  While the temptation is to stay in bed in the morning, you need to:


That means preparing yourself for the spiritual, emotional, and physical battle that youth ministry sometimes brings.  To tackle the pressure and come out on top you need to make sure you:

5 Unhealthy Habits Every Leader Should Avoid

I love fried chicken and running.  That’s not a good combination.  Yes, running helps burn off fat and calories. But, fried chicken means working harder.  In the end one will win out.  My money is that the unhealthy habit will succeed.  When an unhealthy habits competes with a healthy one, unhealthy will eventually win.

Your habits will impact the amount of time you last in ministry.  You need healthy ones and you need to eliminate the unhealthy.  That’s easier said than done.  But, first you need to identify them.  5 you should eliminate from your ministry are:

How To Get Things Off Of Your Plate

I’m a moron.  For some reason I allowed an already full plate to get out of control.  This week I scheduled a book deadline, Confirmation Mass, leadership retreat, last week of our student program, and an endless list of meetings.  I’m managing, but it’s exhausting.

You will have busy seasons and sometimes it’s all out of your control.  Then there are times you could have prevented it.  Either way the past is the past and it is no longer relevant.  You need to empty your overcrowded plate NOW.  To get things off your plate so that you don’t crash and burn you need to: