5 Unhealthy Habits Every Leader Should Avoid

I love fried chicken and running.  That’s not a good combination.  Yes, running helps burn off fat and calories. But, fried chicken means working harder.  In the end one will win out.  My money is that the unhealthy habit will succeed.  When an unhealthy habits competes with a healthy one, unhealthy will eventually win.

Your habits will impact the amount of time you last in ministry.  You need healthy ones and you need to eliminate the unhealthy.  That’s easier said than done.  But, first you need to identify them.  5 you should eliminate from your ministry are:

How To Get Things Off Of Your Plate

I’m a moron.  For some reason I allowed an already full plate to get out of control.  This week I scheduled a book deadline, Confirmation Mass, leadership retreat, last week of our student program, and an endless list of meetings.  I’m managing, but it’s exhausting.

You will have busy seasons and sometimes it’s all out of your control.  Then there are times you could have prevented it.  Either way the past is the past and it is no longer relevant.  You need to empty your overcrowded plate NOW.  To get things off your plate so that you don’t crash and burn you need to:

How To Handle Painful Situations

My first break up was painful.  I remember my stomach being in knots, my mind was a blurred and I thought life was over.  I remember talking to a friend and they reminded me, “There are plenty of fishes in the sea.”  I wanted to smack him.  Even though I didn’t think the pain would ever end, it eventually did.

Youth ministry can have periods of pain when you wonder, “Will this ever be over?”  It’s in those moments when you consider quitting and question your calling.  Ministry in general is emotionally, spiritually and physically exhausting because you deal with lives.  It does not take long for anyone to experience some type of a painful situation.  Some of those moments deal with:

Discovering Rest

Labor Day is that last moment of rest before hitting the grind of the fall.  It’s a day where my family grills great food, hangs out and just enjoys the time away from work.  In a way it’s a Sabbath, which at times are hard to observe.  I know there have been seasons in my life where I haven’t paused and it’s worn me out.  

Youth ministry is a marathon and you need to find a sustainable pace.  And while it’s important to move forward it’s important to find those moments of rest so that you can endure for the long haul.  The problem is discovering those moments and taking advantage of them.  To find rest you need to:

Guard Your Time

The last couple of weeks have been brutal as we get ready for a new season of student ministry.  Even though the day still has 24 hours it feels like my time and margin have been cut by 70%.  During these seasons of busyness it’s important to guard your time.  Anytime a new season approaches the amount of work to get done and people to contact exponentially grows.  If you aren’t watching your margin you’ll crash and burn quickly.

Every youth minister needs to prepare before entering a busy season.  If unprepared those seasons can seem endless and can be dangerous to the longevity of a youth minister.  When this happens it’s important to take a step back, reevaluate your priorities and get some guidance.  To avoid the mess of an endless busy season it’s important guard your time by: