What To Do When You Have A Full Plate

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Every Thanksgiving I tell myself, “I’m not going to overload my plate.” I don’t want to do it because I know I’ll feel lethargic and totally useless.

In ministry the same thing happens when we overload our schedules and to-do lists. When we overload our plates we end up tiring ourselves out and become totally ineffective. If you are tired of that then you need to: Read More

Are You Suffering From Email Overload?


I go back and forth whether or not to eliminate email from my phone. It’s a distraction from family and rest, but a necessary form of communication. Where do you fall?

No matter the decision it’s important to set rules around your email use. If you don’t you’ll find yourself struggling to get any REAL work done. To be more productive with your inbox start: Read More

Is Ministry Wearing You Out?


Every Monday I used to wake up feeling hungover, but the cause wasn’t drinking…it was youth ministry. As a 20 something I could bounce back but as I got older I realized things had to change.

Ministry will wear you out because it’s messy. You are dealing with real people facing real life and it can drain you if you don’t instill the right habits. If you want to stop feeling tired and last in ministry you need to: Read More

Why You Can’t Seem To Get Anything Done

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A new day begins, you’ve got expectations, you blink, the day is over and you wonder, “What did I accomplish?” We all have days like that, but what should we do when those days become weeks and months?

It’s an overwhelming feeling to have your ministry stuck in a rut. If not addressed it can leave you feeling helpless and even burned out. If your ministry is stuck on a path that leads nowhere it means it’s time to: Read More

Are You Burnt Out And Not Even Know It?

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Do you secretly resent your job?  Is your temper a little short?  Are you easily frustrated?  You could be burnt out and not even know it.

Ministry is a grind.  It’s easy to take one busy season and turn it into the norm and not even know it.  The reason this happens is because of bad habits that need to be turned around.  If you find yourself tired and worn out stop the craziness by: Read More

Will You Make It To Christmas?


Thanksgiving is over and now it’s that sprint before Christmas.  During a time of so much to-do’s it’s easy to dance with burn out and find yourself exhausted.  But, what if that didn’t have to be the case?


During our busiest seasons it’s easy to get disorganized and allow the inboxes fill up.  It’s during a time when you wonder, “Is this really worth it?”  To avoid burnout and really get the most out of this season: Read More

How To Thrive Under Pressure


Life gets crazy around this time of year.  Summer is winding down (for some of us it’s over) and a full year of ministry awaits.  There is content to write, ministers to recruit and it feels like a wave that’s going to crush you.

Breathe, because you can do this.  The weeks leading up to something big, like the beginning of a season or a large event, can be daunting.  You beg God to survive, but what if you could do more.  If you want to thrive during times of pressure: Read More

Do You Still Love Your Job?



I’ve been at my job for almost 12 years.  It’s a good chunk of time and it’s something that I’ve enjoyed.  It’s changed my life and made me a better person; however, there have been times where I’ve wondered, “Do I still love doing this?”

Doesn’t matter where you work there are going to be times when you think about leaving.  Why you leave matters and it isn’t a decision you should take lightly.  If you aren’t sure whether to leave or go make sure you: Read More

How To Create More Margin In Your Schedule


A thought that comes across our mind constantly is, “If I had more time I could…”  It’s a frustrating thought because you aren’t sure how to find that time because you are so consumed with everything else.

But, what if it was possible to add more time to your schedule?  What if you could increase your capacity so that you could do more and reach more teenagers?  It’s possible and quite simple.  It starts by: Read More