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You say you want us to do something and then you go ahead and do it yourself.”  She was right.  I was the reason people weren’t helping.  I wanted them to step up.  In fact that’s why I had arranged this meeting with my team.  Something had to be done because the quality and attendance of our high school program was declining.  In the end we realized the problem…ME.

When there is a problem it’s easy to blame everyone but yourself.  When it comes to youth ministry we often push blame on the: Continue Reading…

There is no union so precious and so fruitful between husband and wife as 
that of holy devotion, in which they should mutually lead and sustain each other. - St. Francis de Sales, the Devout Life

A week ago my wife, Kate and I celebrated 7 years of marriage.  I’m happy to say that our relationship is stronger than it was when we first got married.  Granted, in the honeymoon phase nothing can go wrong, but then you have that first fight.   Continue Reading…

There’s only a few weeks left with my senior guys small group.  It’s sad because I’ve met with them at least once a week, every week for the last 4 years and next year they’ll be away at college.  We’ve gone deep as a group, and the relationships I have with them extends past our weekly meeting. 

If I’m totally honest it’s been a struggle to keep them together these past four years.  We’ve faced a lot of challenges with schedules and life change.  But, we’ve persevered and overall I feel like the group has been successful.  

Successful small groups are healthy small groups.  Healthy small groups are key to a healthy youth ministry.  Teenagers will go deeper in their faith and your community will grow stronger.  To keep these groups together despite all the challenges you need to make sure they have the right qualities.  That means each of your small groups needs: Continue Reading…

I’m a huge fan of April Fools Day.  I do everything from small little, “gotchas” to well thought out pranks.  This year I switched around the contents of people’s desk.  As one coworker pointed out, “Funny, but annoying.”

Pranks can be fun, if who you are pranking can handle it and if you are willing to receive it in return.  If it goes too far, then it’s borderline cruelty.

The same can happen in youth ministry.  You might be thinking that you are having fun, but then a:

  • GAME
  • BIT
  • JOKE

…goes a little too far.  You might not see it, but a student can get their feelings hurt when fun goes too far.  It’s a tension youth ministers need to embrace.  While you need to strive to have fun, it’s important to realize it can go too far.  To determine that balance: Continue Reading…

My buddy and I were heading to Vermont for a little ski trip when we were met by a heavy snow storm.  It was difficult to see, and our speed significantly decreased.  We didn’t want to stop, we just wanted to get to our destination.  We pushed on and defied the elements.  What would have been a 6 hour drive turned into 15.

Granted I was young, bold and a little crazy; however, when the elements are against you it’s tempting to stop.  Pressure means discomfort, but comfort in your youth ministry can lead to atrophy and irrelevance.  A healthy and growing youth ministry needs to be able to face the challenges that come with youth ministry.  To be battle tested and ready for anything you and your youth ministry need to: Continue Reading…