How To Embrace Conflict At Work

4 Habits That Will Build The Trust You Need To Overcome Conflict

You ever see that sign? You know the one that maybe isn’t directed at you, but it implies that you don’t know the obvious like, “Keep things clean” or “Property of …”? While signs can be informative and helpful they can also be an indication that someone doesn’t like conflict.

If you are in ministry it means you have to work with people and if you work with people it means there will be conflict. While you don’t have to love conflict you should embrace it and:

How To Kill A Youth Ministry Event

What Questions You Need To Ask

Events and programs can either enhance your ministry or totally drag it down. Chances are you don’t need to start anything new in fact, you might be in the place where some of them need to be eliminated.

There are events that you want to do, need to do and have to do. Knowing which ones are best for your ministry is a challenge because of the:

Is Your Ministry Feeling Stuck?

3 Approaches To Help You Get Your Ministry Moving

You’ve tried everything and nothing changes. You’ve changed your program times and invested in new content but the results are the same. People aren’t showing up, no one is committing to serve and you are stuck. What once was your dream job has now just become a job.

There will be moments when ministry feels like work and that’s okay. The reality is there are seasons of growth and pruning. But, those seasons where you feel stuck can feel like torture. When that happens it’s important to:

Why You Need To Be More Intentional With Middle School

4 Keys To Building A Middle School Ministry That Will Impact The Rest Of Your Church

Middle school students are predictably unpredictable. You could be talking about the Passion and next think you know one of them shouts out, “FART!” To do middle school youth ministry can feel insane.

While it takes a special person to lead a middle school youth ministry, it’s an area in faith formation that cannot be ignored because it’s:

What You Should Be Looking For In A Youth Minister

5 Areas that should be a part of every church's recruiting strategy

When a church reaches out to me to help them find their next youth minister a common concern emerges. The don’t want to hire someone who is going to get OVERWHELMED EASILY and LEAVE TOO SOON.

Honestly, I can’t blame them. A church needs stability with their youth ministry because the life of a teenager is not. If you want to find the right person you need a recruitment strategy.  According to  your recruitment strategy should address the following 5 areas: