3 People Your Ministry Needs To Go To The Next Level

You are limited, even as a leader.  That means you can only take your ministry so far on your own.  No one likes to feel limited; however, it can be freeing to know that you can’t do this on your own.

Once you embrace the fact that you need a team it’s about finding the right people.  With the right people you will be able to reach more students and have a larger impact on the community around you.  That’s why you need a:

How To Reach More Teens Without Adding Another Thing To Your Plate

3 Keys To Expanding Your Capacity As A Leader

You want to reach more teens.  In fact you need to reach more teens.  You feel that burden and it’s painful because you believe in order to reach more you need to do more.

Courtesy of Gabriel Rojas Hruska/Creative Commons License

Courtesy of Gabriel Rojas Hruska/Creative Commons License

But, the truth is to do more you need to figure out how to do less yourself.  That means discipline and understanding that:

Why You Should Stop Planning Events

3 Approaches To Giving Your Ministry Depth

I remember my predecessor showing me his youth ministry calendar.  Without thinking I remarked, “How is your wife still married to you?”  Every single weekend was booked with lock-ins, laser tag and other youth events. It was insane.

When Jesus commissioned the disciples to go into the world he didn’t say, “Go, and plan the most epic game of dodgeball.”  He said, “Go and make disciples.”  We know that, but the pressure to plan events is a reality for so many youth ministers.

Why Middle School Ministry Is More Important Than High School

4 Steps To Building One That Will Strengthen Your Church

Whenever a youth minister or pastor asks for advice about growing their youth ministry I ask them, “What does your middle school ministry look like?”  The responses will vary from, “I don’t know.” to “We don’t have one.”

Many times (Especially in the Catholic church) middle school ministry is an afterthought.  It’s lumped into Children’s Ministry or Religious Education.  No one wants to own it because no one really knows what to do with it.

How To Win Over Your Coworkers

3 Keys to Building a Winning Team in your Parish

It’s really easy to get bogged down with what you do.  You’ve got deadlines to meet, emails to read and projects to finish.  Then in comes a coworker who asks you to do one more thing.

The temptation is to throw it back at them and say, “I’m too busy, can’t you see?!”  There is a lot to do when you lead a ministry; however, your efforts are limited if you aren’t working as a team.