What You Should Be Doing With Your First Few Months In Youth Ministry

What am I supposed to be doing?” That was the question that ringed in my head the first day I started in youth ministry. It’s a question many of us have and how you answer it matters.

Your first 6 months in ministry matter. They will not only impact your first year in ministry but the foundation you need to create. Instead of sitting at your desk, wondering what to do first:

Feeling Overworked? Here are 5 Principles To Help You Embrace A Healthy Work Week

Did you ever feel guilty for ignoring an email or phone call? Are you afraid to take time off from work because you don’t want people to think you are a slacker?

If you are working well over your hours on a regular basis then it’s time to make some adjustments. And maybe you know that, but you don’t now how.

Why You Are Making It Difficult For Parents

3 Steps That Will Create A Healthier Relationship Between You, Mom And Dad

If you’ve been in ministry long enough you know that connecting with parents can be a struggle. But, what if we were the problem?

What if we were the reason parents seemed irrational, unruly and apathetic? What if it was us making it difficult for parents?

Do You Want Youth Ministry To Have A Bigger Influence On The Church? Here’s Your Plan

3 Steps To Increase The Need For Youth Ministry In Your Church

Who’s had a huge influence on your life? Was it a parent or a teacher?Is it your child or maybe a teen in your ministry? If age doesn’t matter when it comes to influence then why do churches tend to separate them with certain programming?

Too often youth ministry can be seen as a burden to a church, when really it’s an opportunity to impact every generation. Recently I was listening to an interview with leadership guru, Ken Blanchard (You can listen to that interview HERE) where he discussed the power of cross generational mentoring. Instead of a young person only learning from someone older, it’s an opportunity 

Do You Really Value The Teenagers Who Come To Your Ministry?

4 Signs Your Ministry Reflects Your Love For The Next Generation

I once had a teen ask me, “Did you send me a birthday card?” I was excited by her question, we had just started sending birthday cards through our hospitality team for our high school program. I told her we had sent the card and she said, “Thanks, it really meant a lot.

Sometimes the smallest gestures have the biggest impact. When it comes to valuing a teenager’s time and presence the small steps add up. If we want teenagers not only coming back each week but choosing the youth ministry over other activities we have to show them value.

So, how do you show teenagers value? Here are 4 signs that you are on the right track: