How To Avoid Burning Out

3 Areas To Address So You Can Keep Going Strong

Youth ministry is a nonstop machine that continuously demands a lot. Parents want you to help them reach their kids, teens need someone to hear them and then there are all those duties assigned by the pastor.

It’s a lot of work, but it can be a lot of fun. The problem is when the fun runs out. Instead of being a joyful leader you find yourself longing for the grind to stop. The temptation is to blame others when the reality is that your:

What A Youth Ministry With Involved Parents Should Look Like

3 Signs of Health and 2 Action Items To Get You There

Youth ministry would be easier if we didn’t have to deal with parents, right? Then again there wouldn’t be youth ministry without them. While you can continue to look at them like a third wheel to your ministry groove, the reality is they are the people you need to take it to the next level.

Parents are an untapped and underutilized resource for youth ministers. In fact, three signs of a healthy youth ministry are where parents:

Why Your Youth Minister Won’t Last Two Years

4 Steps To Reduce The Turnover

We have all seen it happen, a youth minister who goes into their job excited only to leave a couple of years later completely burnt out. When the youth minister leaves it creates a void that can hold a church back from where it needs to go.

A church can ignore the situation and hire the next college graduate hoping this time it’ll be different OR they can address the issues. When it comes to why a youth minister would leave it starts with them feeling:

Why All Youth Ministers Should Love VBS

4 Steps To Help You Maximize The Opportunity

Last week our parish hosted its annual Vacation Bible School, where 100’s of kids experienced God’s love. I’ve always had mixed feelings regarding VBS and wanted to know if others shared my thoughts so I shot out the question on social media:

 VBS. Is it a youth minister’s nightmare, highlight or just another thing that goes on? Share your thoughts. #mymsummers

Responses were mostly positive and varied. While I’m not directly involved with Vacation Bible School I’ve learned to embrace it because if well-done it could help the youth ministry:

Why You Can’t Seem To Get Anything Done

A new day begins, you’ve got expectations, you blink, the day is over and you wonder, “What did I accomplish?” We all have days like that, but what should we do when those days become weeks and months?

It’s an overwhelming feeling to have your ministry stuck in a rut. If not addressed it can leave you feeling helpless and even burned out. If your ministry is stuck on a path that leads nowhere it means it’s time to: