What Every Parent Should Expect From Your Ministry

I’ll never forget the first time I was chewed out by a parent.  I wanted to shut down and completely isolate myself from them.  I remember thinking, “If parents didn’t have to be involved ministry would be so much easier.”

Parents can be one of the greatest challenges to your ministry; however, they can also be one of your greatest assets.  If you want to be successful in youth ministry then you need to remember that parents matter because they:

Why Your Church Needs More Than A Youth Minister

I was asked in a radio interview, “Who has primary responsibility when it comes to teens and their faith formation?  Is it the parents, the church or teens who should own their faith?”


At the heart of the question is another one, “Who is responsible for whether a teen stays or leaves the church?”  The answer is:

How I’m Starting Over In Youth Ministry

4 Attitudes Every Person Starting Over Needs To Embrace

I’m the new guy once again.  As a kid, I hated being the new guy because there was a lot of unknown.  As an adult, there still is a lot of unknown with being new and that’s okay.  In fact, it’s better.

It’s going to be fun blogging to all of you from the perspective of someone who has been in ministry for over a decade and now as someone who is new.  As I settle into this new position I’m reminded that when you start over you need:

What A Healthy Youth Ministry Looks Like

3 Areas Churches Should Focus Their Attention

A healthy parish is going to have a healthy youth ministry program.  Without the next generation, a church loses its appeal for families.  It lacks in enthusiasm and seldom changes.  A church without a healthy youth ministry is essentially dying.

If you want to help your church grow you need to make sure your youth ministry program is more than over glorified babysitting for teenagers.  A healthy youth ministry has:

How To Step Up Your Volunteer’s Game

4 Ideas To Increase Your Investment

How would you rate the effectiveness of your volunteers? Are they helping you run a program or are they helping you create a movement?  It’s your responsibility to make them the latter.

You don’t need volunteers to manage a program, you need them to take your ministry to a new level.  While meetings and planning can help your team work together if you want them to work better: