How To Step Up Your Volunteer’s Game

4 Ideas To Increase Your Investment

How would you rate the effectiveness of your volunteers? Are they helping you run a program or are they helping you create a movement?  It’s your responsibility to make them the latter.

You don’t need volunteers to manage a program, you need them to take your ministry to a new level.  While meetings and planning can help your team work together if you want them to work better:

Why You Need To Collaborate With Others

And Who Are The Right People To Work With

I’ve learned that the hard way that you can’t do ministry on your own.  Every time I’ve tried it’s lead to frustration.  Working with others is a simple principle we tend to forget.

While it’s something we all know we should do it doesn’t always seem practical.  After all working with others means:

Are You Burnt Out And Not Even Know It?

6 Tips To Stop The Busyness

Do you secretly resent your job?  Is your temper a little short?  Are you easily frustrated?  You could be burnt out and not even know it.

Ministry is a grind.  It’s easy to take one busy season and turn it into the norm and not even know it.  The reason this happens is because of bad habits that need to be turned around.  If you find yourself tired and worn out stop the craziness by:

How To Create Positive Change In Your Ministry

3 Steps To Overcome The Obstacles That Come With Change

It’s usually around this time of year when we’re motivated to make changes.  On top of the personal resolutions I’m willing to bet you’ve got a few ideas for your ministry as well.


They’re probably great changes, the ones that can take your ministry to the next level.  But, there is a problem that usually prevents us from reaching that level.  The problem is that:

3 Tips To Help Your Ministry Gain Credibility With Parents

Giving Parents The Resources They Need to Succeed

As a youth minister how much of your job requires serving parents too?  If we’re honest it’s not the most attractive part of the job; however, it’s probably one of the most important.


If parents feel equipped by your ministry you gain a lot of credibility.  They’ll see what you do as something important for their teen and them.  To gain that credibility you need to make sure you resource them by: