What To Know Before Choosing A Mission Trip

3 Factors Not To Take Lightly

It’s a little difficult to think about summer when snow is on the ground, but it’s crucial.  Summer schedules are filling up and you need to decide which service experience you want your teens to have.

You’ve probably received a ton of postcards and flyers all promising an incredible experience.  They are filled with pictures of smiling teens and changed lives.  The question you need to answer is:

How To Allow Your Teens To Be Vulnerable

When a student walks into your ministry are they ready to learn?  One approach is to entice them with a better picture of what life could be.  While that can work you still need to make sure they can feel vulnerable.

When a teen is vulnerable it means they’ve let down their guard.  A vulnerable teen is one that is willing to grow and listen.  To give them that permission you need to:

Are You Doing Enough?

How to measure progress and not get discouraged

Every youth minister asks the question, “Am I doing enough?”   It’s a question we are afraid to answer because it could expose our failures and shortcomings.

But, if you do not ask the question, “Am I doing enough?” then your ministry will never change.  It needs to change because the world around it is constantly moving.  To answer the question you need to know how to:

Will Students Come Back To Your Ministry?

5 Steps To Stop Your Ministry From Being A Revolving Door

Will students come back?  It’s a question even the most seasoned youth ministers will ask.  If you want the answer to be yes then you need to make sure your ministry stays focused on this one concept.

It’s a simple concept that works in every other aspect of our life.  If cultivated and nutured it can take your ministry from a small cluster into a large movement.  Teens will come back to your ministry on a consistent basis if you focus on:

The Best Way To Equip Parents

4 Relationships That Will Help Them Grow

I recently was doing an interview and the question was asked, “What resources do you use to equip parents?”  While there are great resources and tools the answer is much more simple.

RELATIONSHIPS. While there are great programs and books for parenting the best way to equip them is to introduce them into healthy relationships.  To do that make sure you are: