Why You Aren’t The Only One Who Feels Lonely

4 Lessons I've Learned Through My Own Battles Of Isolation

Loneliness is one of the biggest challenges I see my clients battle. It’s a feeling of isolation that they describe as, “It just seems like no one cares.” I can relate to their feelings because it’s something I’ve face before.

Loneliness Lonely Child Beach Walk Alone Sea

I’ve worked in large staffs, with dozens of volunteers yet still endured seasons of loneliness in ministry. It’s an emotional and physically draining experience. One that I feel compelled to share because:

How To Become A Highly Effective Youth Minister

5 Priceless Habits Every Youth Minister Needs To Embrace

Ever wonder what makes a youth ministry successful?  Sure, it has great resources, well thought out programs and a community that will invest in it, but it all starts with a Highly Effective Youth Minister.


A highly effective youth minister is a leader worth following.  They are someone who not only knows how to reach the next generation but mobilize adults to make the ministry a movement.  To be a highly effective youth minister you need to:

How To Train Your Team Without Exhausting Resources Or Trust

2 Areas That Can Improve Your Meeting Experience

Training your team can get costly in a variety of ways.  You can waste people’s time and lose their trust if what you provide isn’t worth the sacrifice.  To make it quality you spend a lot of money, which can drain your budget.  We know meetings are important, but how do you make them worth it?

To ease the burden you need to:

Why Youth Ministry Feels Competitive

And How To Diffuse It

I’m naturally competitive.  I love competition in sports because of the drama and excitement.  But, when it comes to competition in real life it drives me crazy.

Youth ministry can often feel competitive.  You compete with the schedules of teens and volunteers.  You compete with other churches and community events.  It gets tiresome.  If you feel the competition and want it to stop then you need to start:

How To Avoid Competing With Other Youth Ministries

4 Benefits of Networking With Other Churches

It constantly felt like a competition.  People would ask, “Did you hear the great things the church down the road is doing?”  I felt threatened.  I didn’t want to praise them too much for fear people would leave me for them.  I was very insecure.

If you always look at the church down the road as competition you’ll limit your youth ministry’s growth.  To eliminate the insecurity you have to look at what other churches can offer.  Instead of facing off with them work with them because you’ll start to: