How You Should Approach This Summer

The snow is melting at a rapid rate and the temperature is finally manageable.  You can almost taste summer and that means summer camps, volunteer training and content planning are on the horizon.

While summer’s official start is still a few months away, it’s important to start preparing now.  If you can get ahead of the curve you can maximize your time and be better prepared for the juggernaut that fall brings.

To approach the summer correctly you need to:

Where Discipline Pays Off

I used to get angry when people critiqued my speaking ability.  They said I would speak too long, or I made too many points.  The truth was that I lacked discipline.  

Youth ministry is messy but it needs structure.  In order to create a laid back, relational, come as you are environment you need to have systems in place.  The problem is:

Before You Start Something New

Last night we started something new.  We launched a young adult ministry gathering called Hanging Out that looks to walk with young people from adolescence into adulthood.  The turnout was positive, the night flowed well and what took a lot of timing and planning got started on the right foot.  Where it will go?  Only God only knows and we cannot wait to find out.

Courtesy of Commons License

Courtesy of Commons License

It takes a lot of courage to get start a new ministry, project or program. There are so many obstacles; however, with the right type of preparation can build the momentum your ministry needs.  When you do something new you create new opportunities, environments and relationships for teens to grow in Christ.  But you need a plan.  Before you start something new be sure to:

How To Plan Out A Year Of Messages

I used to head into the summer with the idea that I could plan out an entire year of messages in a couple of months.  I would hit June highly motivated, July a little tired and August in a panic.  I was trying to do too much and not really understanding how to plan out a year of messages.

You need a strategy to how you plan out a year of messages or any curriculum.  With no strategy comes a lot of mistakes and frustrations.  The tendency might just be to go with the flow or do as much as possible; however, you need to do something that will be long lasting and sustainable.  To plan out your messages properly you need to answer the following three questions:

Message Series Planning Tips

One of the best ways you can engage students into God’s word and a relationship with Christ is through your preaching.  But, to plan a message each week can be difficult.  The question, “What do I talk about this week? will constantly bug you.  The best way to avoid that question is by filling your calendar with message series.

Message series not only help you organize what you teach students it allows you to build momentum to your year.  It’s like creating a television mini series because teens will want to know what you are going to talk about next week.  To create a truly engaging and memorable message series you need to make sure you know: