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Last night was a powerful evening of prayer. Instead of our usual format we hosted an hour and a half of Adoration that was open to anyone in the parish. Teens, adults and kids gathered to sing worship, reflect on scripture and silently sit with the Eucharist. 


I think we can all agree that our students need to grow in prayer.  It’s one of the essential responsibilities of a youth ministry.  If you want to grow disciples you need to show them how to go deeper in their relationship with God.  The problem is that many students do not know how to engage in it, especially if not supported at home.  To bring prayer into a deeper level in your ministry you need to:: Continue Reading…

It breaks your heart, when a teen opens up and shares with you that they’re hurting.  It changes the way you look at youth ministry.  Almost like they’ve dropped a bomb on your world.

Youth ministry is fun and easy when it comes to playing games.  It’s inspiring when a teen shares his story.  When a teen reveals a deep secret, it’s like a bomb has gone off in the room.  It’s a moment where you can celebrate that a teen trusts you.  It’s also a moment that is so pivotal in a teen’s faith journey. Continue Reading…

If you need to meet with me make it worth my time.  I’m a meeting snob, because I have little margin and do not want it compromised.  I want to leave a meeting feeling inspired, and ready to take on what was discussed.

I know I’m a little demanding when it comes to meeting integrity; however, they can be the death of your organization if not done correctly.  You are asking people to sacrifice an important commodity (Time) that can not be returned.  

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Deeper Small Groups

July 19, 2013 — 1 Comment

As I’m planning for the fall and making sure leaders are contacting their small groups, I reflect on my own. It’s hard to believe they’ll all be seniors.  It felt like yesterday that I was meeting them for the first time as scrawny little freshmen.  Today they tower over me and make sure I know it.  The most rewarding aspect of my group of guys is witnessing the depth that has occurred.  What started as shallow guy talk has evolved over the year to true Christian accountability.

Small groups are an essential part to your ministry; however, they aren’t as simple as grabbing a group of teenagers together and asking questions.  Small groups need to be able to go deeper, even when they aren’t meeting.  That means making small groups a focus of your student ministry, and it also means: Continue Reading…

Yesterday we had our Family Ministry Retreat.  A volunteer at our parish opened up his river house allowing for those of us in Children’s and Student ministry to get off campus.  The new scene allowed us to reflect on the past year and look ahead to next year with a fresh perspective.  While there was planning done on this retreat it’s main objective was to build team unity.

Team unity amongst your coworkers and your volunteer teams is essential.  Youth ministry (Any ministry) is not meant to be served alone.  While this is something most people understand there is a natural tendency to pull away and try to do it on our own.  Silos usually form in ministry because of:

  • Distrust In Other’s Abilities
  • Lack of Management Skills
  • Pride

If you allow this to happen your ministry will become overwhelmed, overworked and burn out.  To build team unity you need to provide opportunities where the team can grow together.  It’s also important to build habits into the culture and you can do that by: Continue Reading…