Building A Young Adult Ministry


How confident are you that your teens will continue to grow in their faith after high school?  It’s a scary question because the answer forces us to evaluate our ministry’s effectiveness.


At the same time the responsibility to grow next generation disciples doesn’t just fall on the youth ministry. It’s a church wide effort because you cannot guarantee people will come back when they get married or have kids.  To bridge the gap you need to: Read More

Where Does Technology Belong In Your Ministry?


I was so excited about the new powerpoint game I had just downloaded.  I had visions of teens laughing, crying and cheering as we played the game.  The night was supposed to end with them hoisting me on their shoulders shouting, “Chris, thanks for changing my life!”


Needless to say the game failed.  There was some sort of error and issues with compatibility.  As I tried to correct the error I sweat with panic.  I thought to myself, “If I don’t get this game going the night’s ruined.”  I don’t think Jesus would have agreed with me. Read More

The 4 Keys To A Dynamic Confirmation Program


Confirmation preparation isn’t always a process people want to embrace.  While it’s an important part of the Catholic (and other denominations) faith formation it’s often filled with consumeristic demands and requirements that can make it a logistical nightmare for both parents, teens and parish employees.

The solution?  Is to change your perspective as the leader.  Instead of hesitating and going into the program reluctantly you need to embrace it and make sure you aren’t just going through the motions.  To build a dynamic Confirmation preparation it’s not just about the content, it’s also about: Read More

Training Volunteers On The Go


I keep telling myself that I have to make time to meet with my volunteers.  The problem is that life is so busy for me and them.  In the end it can be overwhelming and easy to feel stuck.

Building a dynamic team for your ministry would be easy if life happened in a vacuum.  Unfortunately, it seems like no one has time to connect, meet and grow together.  So how do train your volunteers while you are constantly on the go? Read More

How To Allow Your Teens To Be Vulnerable

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When a student walks into your ministry are they ready to learn?  One approach is to entice them with a better picture of what life could be.  While that can work you still need to make sure they can feel vulnerable.

When a teen is vulnerable it means they’ve let down their guard.  A vulnerable teen is one that is willing to grow and listen.  To give them that permission you need to: Read More

How To Keep In Touch With Former Students


I love these first couple of weeks of the new year because you run into college students coming back from break.  Some of them are excited to see you and others are hoping you don’t ask the question, “Have you been going to church?”

As youth ministers we care if our teens continue to grow as disciples after they leave our ministry.  The tendency is to ask about their spiritual life, but maybe we should take a different approach.  Before getting into their spiritual life: Read More

Will Students Come Back To Your Ministry?


Will students come back?  It’s a question even the most seasoned youth ministers will ask.  If you want the answer to be yes then you need to make sure your ministry stays focused on this one concept.

It’s a simple concept that works in every other aspect of our life.  If cultivated and nutured it can take your ministry from a small cluster into a large movement.  Teens will come back to your ministry on a consistent basis if you focus on: Read More

The Best Way To Equip Parents


I recently was doing an interview and the question was asked, “What resources do you use to equip parents?”  While there are great resources and tools the answer is much more simple.

RELATIONSHIPS. While there are great programs and books for parenting the best way to equip them is to introduce them into healthy relationships.  To do that make sure you are: Read More

How To Make Youth Ministry Less Messy


Youth ministry is messy in so many ways.  It’s messy because it involves relationships.  And because it’s messy it’s tiring and draining.  But, sometimes we make it more messy than it should be.

If you want to make youth ministry less messy you need to know what you can control and what you cannot.  While you cannot control life what you can control are: Read More

What To Do With Difficult Parents


It’s easy to go online and find a rant from some teacher, or youth minister griping about parents.  The comments range from, “They just don’t care!”  to “They are suffocating their kids!”  Parents are challenging, but necessary.

Courtesy of symphony of love/Creative Commons License

Courtesy of symphony of love/Creative Commons License

If you want your ministry to be strong you need a healthy approach to parents, even the difficult ones.  Instead of pushing them away, look at loving them.  That means: Read More